Lions Trade WR Roy Williams: Do They Finally Win?

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Lions made a move today at the trade deadline that no one in Detroit really thought they would end up making. The Lions didn't even think they would make a move. WR Roy Williams, who has been at the center of NFL trade rumors all season, was traded at the last minute to the Dallas Cowboys right before the 4 PM deadline. The Lions send Williams and a 2010 7th round draft pick to the Cowboys for three 2009 draft picks: a first rounder, third, and sixth.

Here's my take on the whole trade:

Roy was probably 99.99999 percent going to leave after the season. The only way he would have been on the team in 2009 was if we slapped the franchise tag on him. I'm not sure the Lions were going to do that to a guy who didn't really want to be here. Essentially, we'd just be going through this year, all over again.

Randy Moss was traded for a 4th round draft (John Bowie) pick a couple years ago. We received not only a pick that was a round better than that, but another pick that was THREE rounds better than that, all in addition to a 6th round pick. We gave up our seventh round pick, but that selection means nothing because we'll just make whatever pick that would have been a round earlier when we have two sixth round picks. It's science.

The league reaction to this trade was "WOW!" Everyone seems to think that the Cowboys gave up too much and the Lions were the real winners in this trade. Personally, I don't think it becomes a success until we make good of those draft picks. If we draft three fullbacks from Furman University or three busts, it's going to go down as a failure. It all depends on what we make of these three picks.

The Lions are 0-5, and the season is almost as good as over. Unfortunately, they have eleven games remaining, almost 70% of their season to go. This trade certainly sends the message that the upper management has given up on the season and is looking toward the draft already. As Chip said, it's depressing. However, this could wind up being a good thing if it has what I like to call the "C.C. Sabbathia effect" on the team. If you remember, the Cleveland Indians were playing the worst in all of baseball when they decided to absolutely tank altogether and trade away their ace pitcher.

However, the team managed to win 7 of their next 10 games and finish the season strong en route to surpassing the Tigers and Royals in the AL Central. The optimistic inside me is coming out again as I think maybe this could possibly happen to the Lions. Perhaps, by some miracle, they will play relaxed and win 7 of their next 10 games. This would make them 7-8 going into their final game of the season at Lambeau Field. Judging by the way things are going in the division thus far, this very well could be the game that determines the outcome of the division, and a playoff spot.

Who am I kidding? Even if this happens, history has the Lions breaking our hearts again. It doesn't matter. Lions will finish 3-13.

At any rate, I hope this trade winds up paying off in the future, but for now I'm pretty happy with it. Never thought I'd be saying this as the Lions lay at 0-5, but good job fellas.



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