Def Leppard...Major Derp!

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The Red Wings lost last night against the Maple Leafs to open their title defense. Surprisingly, that wasn't even the most embarrassing part of the night. Something that was absolutely unconscionable occurred during the post game segment. Thanks to Puck Daddy, it was pointed out that Versus, who did a wonderful job with the entire banner night "Drop the Puck" event in Detroit, showed lead singer of Def Leppard, Joe Elliot, take the Lord Stanley Cup from Darren McCarty and do the unimaginable: He took the cup, held it over his head, walked it over to its rightful pedestal and placed it... upside down. Little side down, big side up.

What!?!?!?! The entire Detroit Fox Theatre went silent minus the random few newly 21 year old drunk morons who were left screaming because their virginity was about to be taken by some old creepy hockey buff later that night. On the whole, it was very similar to a black person walking into a barn party in the mid-50s. The party went dead and everyone who had any current affairs IQ stood there staring at eachother in disbelief. I think that's exactly when special guests Matt Stone and Trey Parker let out a bowel filled DERP!

Honestly, hasn't an English person ever seen a wedding cake or anything that could possibly be stacked methodoligically? How could you possible believe that this trophy was meant for the little cup to be placed down? This isn't a bowl you put in your cupboards after you wash it so that it doesn't get dust in it. It's the STANLEY CUP! You'd also think that before you do a show for the NHL you'd Google the sport at least. Seriously, all it takes is typing in 'NHL champions' into Google, a simple click on the Images link, and whammy! 4 of the first 5 pictures show how the Stanley Cup looks right side up.

I truly hope Elliot has been blushing ever since and that Versus feels kind of lame for allowing 'soccer guys' to do their show without filling them in on some useful knowledge: The Stanley Cup is named the Cup for a reason... the cup side is meant for you to C it UP.


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