Dan Orlovsky...Major Derp!

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The Lions lost 12-10 today to fall to 0-5. If it weren't for this play and some untimely terrible calls from the refs, the Lions would have probably won this game.

This play is hilarious because Dan Orlovsky boot legs right out of bounds and has no idea where he is. The funniest thing about this is that the FOX announcer calls Orlovsky a 'poor guy' as if he's mentally incompetent and just didn't know what he was doing.

Lions radio announcer, Dan Miller, didn't have nearly as much sympathy for Orlovsky. He said having an awareness for the field is something you're supposed to learn in Pop Warner. All I know is that after Matt Stone and Trey Parker swallowed their beer and watched this play, they let out a bowel filled DERP!



I felt truly embarrassed for DanO after that play, I wouldn't have taken my helmet off for the rest of the game

Peter King's comments on the play in his Monday Morning QB article on si.com-

I think there's a reason UConn is not the cradle of quarterbacks, and Dan Orlovsky of the Lions illustrated it Sunday against the Vikes in one of the most idiotic single plays I've ever seen in 25 seasons covering the NFL.

The setup: Minnesota and Detroit were scoreless late in the first quarter, and the Lions had the ball, third-and-10 from their one. Backup quarterback Orlovsky, the former Husky, lined up in the shotgun, maybe five yards deep in the end zone, then rambled right and back when he got the ball. And with no pressure, he simply began to run on the white stripe, with no knowledge why the official back there was blowing his whistle and calling the play dead.

How can you be a quarterback, starting from your own end zone, and not know that if you fade back and run to the right you've got to be sure you don't step on the white line? Alarmingly foolish, the kind of anti-basic-instinct play that makes you wonder whether the guy has any chance to be a professional quarterback.

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