The Number of the Day: 334

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

CC Sabathia has single handily taken the Brewers to the post season. Since being acquired from the Indians, CC has gone 11-2 with a 1.65 ERA, throwing 7 complete games over that span. CC has pitched so well since the trade, he has somehow crawled into NL Cy Young award talks. That's not even the brunt of it though. Over the past nine days, CC has thrown 334 pitches over the course of three starts (2-1). 334 pitches in 9 days!! That is absurd. If I had to predict a melt down, he would certainly be my top choice. Although I hope the melt down comes during the playoffs, my guess is the adrenaline will carry him through. Like the beginning of this year, when he struggled probably due to a hang over from last year's post season, I imagine he will suffer from a far greater one next year that he may not recover from. Those pitch totals are a left arm death sentence. If he was on my keeper fantasy team, I would trade him for as much as I can get before next season. There is no way his arm survives.

As if I haven't hated the Brewers enough lately (personal reasons--Brewers actually used to be my 2nd favorite MLB team), today my hate for them grew. Allegedly, Bob Melvin sent an e-mail to recently fired coach, Ned Yost after the team clinched a playoff berth that thanked Yost for putting the team in a position to win. Absolutely ridiculous. First of all, firing the guy that basically took the garbage team and flipped it upside down was ill advised. Melvin almost took a chapter out of the Mets' #1 selling novel, "How to Collapse Late, Freak Out, and Gain Lots of Weight." They didn't make the playoffs because Yost was fired and I think the Mets can attest to the fact that a spontaneous managerial firing doesn't work. The Brewers are lucky and Melvin's even luckier because if the Brewers hadn't made the playoffs he'd not only be out of the playoffs, but also would be left with everyone wanting his head on the wall next to a bunch of moldy cheeseheads because he fired a very good coach.

Secondly, how is Yost supposed to respond to that email? "Effing thanks Melv. Just so you know, I'm still the manager in my PS3 franchise, and we're in the playoffs too. I hope I do better against the Phillies, managed by my son, than you do in the first round--prick. Thanks for nothing. Talk to you never. Hate, Ned Yost" ?


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