A Game of Twister Can Get Weird

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The Detroit Lions are playing the Atlanta Falcons tomorrow at 1 pm, and I'm going to be there front and center (By front and center I mean, section 120 row 11). I am really looking forward to the season because Marinelli finally has HIS team in the system, which I fully believe in; and Joey Harrington no longer has a job. Just when I thought I got away from Joey Harrington forever when he left Detroit, I stupidly follow him to Atlanta. Nonetheless, Atlanta chose the right person though by releasing him, and ultimately has kept me around for a while.

Anyway, I want to start something new up for every weekend, but it involves some historical context, or in lawyerly terms: some procedural history. Every Sunday when I was the adorable age of 7 or so, I cant remember how old exactly, I would wake up early Sunday around 10 AM and simulate the upcoming Lions game in my basement. The twist here is that I didn't simulate it on Madden 94 or through any other video game. I would simulate it LIVE... one on zero. Me vs. myself, in basement football. I would play NOBODY, and play every down against NOBODY. I have 3 brothers, but I chose to play myself. It was always easier competition that way. I would act as both teams, every player on both teams and play every down of a full length football game. I would certainly skip commercials because every kid hates them. I held a stop watch with the time and would stop it every time I incompleted a pass to myself or I decided to run out of bounds outside of the yellow little tike chairs. Almost every single game, Barry would break a run of 50 yards or more and the Lions would win 10 or 11 games during the season. Now that I'm 23 years old, I figured I should probably stop doing that style of predictions and simply make predictions more maturely. So here you have it, me, at the age of 23, making mature predictions through alphabetical text on a blog.

(Note: These predictions are very well thought out and based on a very sophisticated observation of historical numbers and gamesmanship tendencies.)

Detroit stats:
Jon Kitna: 18/24, 279 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT, 1 fumble
Kevin Smith: 24 carries, 117 yards, 1 TD
Rudi Johnson: 10 carries, 23 yards, 0 TD
Roy Williams: 7 Rec, 84 yards, 1 TD
Calvin Johnson: 5 Rec, 104 yards, 1 TD
Shaun McDonald: 5 Rec, 63 yards
Jason Hanson: 1/1 FG

Final Score prediction:
Detroit Lions 24
Atlanta Falcons 13

I'll follow the game up with a quick recap of my predictions vs. the real thing.... holler and go Leos



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