Matt Millen Is a Funny Fantasy Football Team Name

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

It's that time of year again. No, it's not time to shower, Chip. Everyday is shower time. It's time for fantasy football! Everyone loves fantasy football because it allows for people to enjoy their Sunday's off from work or school and watch football with a real purpose (after you go to church of course). It also gives people who have crappy home teams (sorry, Drew) to cheer for other teams because clearly your team isn't giving you any reason to live, let alone go to work or school the next day. Instead of listing off draft tips, or the hundreds of reasons why the Lions will probably win 11-13 games this year, I think I'll just list off some of the funnier/more creative fantasy sports team names, broken down by sport, that I have ever encountered or come up with myself over the years of playing fantasy sports. Other than the draft, I would have to say seeing the funny/creative names people come up with is one of my favorite parts of playing fantasy sports. Please feel free to leave your favorites in the comment section:

DereLickMyBalls Jeter
Honey Nut Ichiros
Letters from Okajima
The Big Dembrowski
Byrnes When I Peavy
Preparation HGH
A-Rod Likes Coldplay
The Braun Supremacy
I'm Not a Bedard, I'm Just a Little Slowey
The Good, The Vlad, and the Ugly
Magglio's Locks for Love
Albert Pooholes
We've Got the Runs

Otis Thorpe
Alabama Hot Pockets
Sofa King Cool
Cheese Poofs
Shawn Kemp's Children
No Means No
Cleveland Steamers
OJ Hold the Mayo
Bill Laimbeer's Drunk Agaain
Shopping Sprewell
The Heinrich Maneuver

My Mom Moved to Egypt
Stanley's Jock Strap
Coalminer Cocksauce
Cam's Neeling
The Crosby Show
Nancy Kerrigan
Cherry Picking a Jacket
Bertuzzi's Brain Busters

Kitna's Kitty Kats
Tell Me How My Ass Tastes
Romosexual Tendencies
My Favre-ite Pain Pills
Favre Licks Cotchery
Turn Your Head and Coughlin
My Vick in a Box
Ki-Jana Monologues
The Scott Mitchell Report
Bill Belichick's Video Rentals
I Beg to Dilfer
Tomorrow Never Addais
Bobby Ross Says We're Going for 2
Jack Nicholson 1974

If you can think of any other one's please leave them in the comment section...I'd love to hear any other good ones....



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