Happy Birthday, Chip

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Somewhere on my desk I was able to find a note that reminded me it was Chip's birthday today. Make sure you wish him a happy birthday. Currently, Chip is at Ohio State University about to start his first semester of law school. Although we all hate Ohio State with a huge passion(just because of the sports teams though), I challenge you, for Chip's birthday, to appreciate everything they have to offer. Most importantly, they are going to offer Chip an amazing legal education that he will benefit immensely from. I also will be heading to law school, starting tomorrow, and soon my desk will look like the bitch's desk above. Unfortunately, that means posts will probably get shorter and less lively as law school will surely suck out any remaining ounce of soul I have left in my body. However, because it is Chip's birthday, I am taking these case briefs and throwing them out the window and going streaking with a bottle of ketchup and some goldfish in my other hand in case I get hungry.

I also challenge you to tell me in what movies does Will Ferrell go streaking, and walk around with a ketchup bottle for a while, in another. Please feel free to test your Will Ferrell movie skills in the comments section of this blog.

Happy Birthday, Chip!



Happy Birthday, Chip! I am lad that you're now at Ohio State University about to start your first semester of law school. And our service will be afterwards of use! See this resume writer cost available today!

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