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I've never really been that big of a Todd Jones fan over the years. I wasn't a hater but definitely not a lover either. He got the job done most of the time which made him O.K. in my book but I was always so worried and had the xanax pills close by in order to survive the 9th inning of a close game. In my mind, a closer should be dominant 9 times out of 10 and everyone should feel very confident when their closer comes in with a 1 run lead in the 9th. Jones was by no means dominant. In fact, I'd say he was "dominant" 1 % of the time but he skated by on thin ice and got the job done the majority of the time which allowed him to keep the role of Tigers closer for so long. Thus I will not boo Todd Jones ever and completely agree with the genius ideas of Chip in the previous post (even the ones about my underwear, it happens to everyone though right?).

Anyways enough about Todd because our closer could be Paws and it wouldn't matter if the offense continues to perform as they did last night. The native americans took down the Tigers last night 5-0 with another Tiger slaying performance by Paul Byrd who is now 10-2 in 19 career starts against the Tags. Some people call him crafty but I'm sick of that crafty schmafty bullcrap. How can Byrd, a pitcher with a season ERA a shade below 5 dominate the Tigers hitters on such a consistent basis? His "craftiness" seems to only work on the Tigers and not everyone else in the bigs who seem to have no problem handling his junk. So now as a result of their piss poor performance last night, the skip has decided to have optional batting practice before tonights game. He's probably thinking to himself, well since we faced batting practice last night, courtesy of Paul Byrd, and failed to hit anything, why should we waste our time by taking more B.P. today? Smart skip, verry smart.


  • In basketball news, the Pistons signed Kwame Brown to a deal worth 4 million for next year and a 2nd year option worth another 4 million. Hopefully the stones can get some good production out of him this year off the bench and he puts up more than his 4.8 points and 4.9 rebounds a game that he had last year.

  • Two Virginia football players were arrested Saturday night for stealing beer from a bar......worst part is that it happened to be a GAY bar....http://www.ennvy.com/the-beer-at-gay-bars-must-be-especially-good-virginia-cavaliers/



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