I'm Cool with a Little Acting....

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Some say Heath Ledger took his role as the joker a little too far by letting it affect his personal life. Whether that's true or not, Christian Bale could have done the same thing to himself when he lost nearly 65 pounds to fulfill a role as a 130 pound nut job in The Machinist.

A few weeks ago, as I'm sure you all heard too, there was a story on ESPN about Kansas City Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez saving a person from choking on a piece of filet mignon. The story made top headlines because obviously it's a feel good story. Well it did more than make Tony Gonzalez a hero: for a few days it took the viewers' eyes away from the darkness that has become the NFL. Seriously, I completely forgot all about the dozens of Bengals and other NFL players going to jail for killing dogs and beating up innocent school yard children. All I could think about was, "Wow- this NFL player saved a life. If only 'lives saved' counted as a fantasy category because Tony would for sure be the superior TE in the NFL if he isn't already. What a great guy." So, it's just a great story about an innocent meat lover choking on a piece of his filet and a future Hall of Fame tight end happens to be in the restaurant to save his life, right? ....WRONG. The NFL must have known exactly the type of media frenzy this story was going to create. Stay with me here, because this is where it all gets as sick and twisted as Heath Ledger acting as The Joker. The NFL, seeing that this type of great story was going to put them in a positive light for the time being, knew exactly what it was doing here: Take our stars and set them up into roles where they can come out as heroes and ultimately, win back a good image for the NFL.

I commend the NFL for caring and trying to win back the fans and create heroes out of NFL players, but I think they are being WAYYYY too ambitious. I think the cat was let out of the bag when the media labeled Terrell Owens a hero after he removed an ESPN reporter who had just been struck by a car from the streets and further damage last week. Why on planet Earth would anyone ever believe that T.O. (periods in his name, unlike studs CC Sabathia and CJ Karchon) would calmly save a life like he was all of a sudden good Hancock? Personally, it sounds more like a scene out of another Will Smith movie, Hitch (the scene at 2 minutes). Is it a coincidence that two of the best receivers in the NFL are all of a sudden heroes within 6 weeks of eachother or is the NFL simply setting up roles for the NFL players to play out???? Who better than to have Terrell Owens, (who has 'acted' in Flavor Flav's sitcom "Under One Roof") to try and correct not only the NFL's image but his own, all at the same time??? I'm not buying it. I mean what's next? Pacman Jones helping a elderly stripper across the street in New York ??? Or the Cincinnati Bengals becoming ministers?? Whatever the NFL is doing, it seems to be working because they have managed to make 2 star receivers heroes in a matter of weeks; one who could definitely use the positive publicity. I guess Goodell thinks that any mess can be cleaned up with the right broom and Will Smith movie. Kudos Goodell!

Speaking of NFL players acting, Brett Favre has been in the news a lot lately because he wants to come back and play. Well, no kidding... it must have taken him retirement to FINALLY realize he can't act... here's some evidence from this old time classssic....


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