Celebrities R Us: Celebrity Interview #4

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Detroit4lyfe works really hard around the clock to please you people. Well, every now and then we need a little break from this hectic blogging lyfestyle. So this past Saturday, Chip and I decided to treat ourselves and a few friends to some adult drinks at Woody's Bar in Royal Oak. As soon as we get there, an imaginative alarm went off saying, "Detroit4lyfe is here." We inconspicuously walk in, buy some beers, and go to chill in a corner. We wanted to stay as low profile as possible so that we did not have to fend aggressive autograph seekers off with empty beer bottles. There was definitely a buzz surrounding us. People were being real obvious; pointing at us and whispering, "there over there." I was flattered, but c'mon! Can't a man have his privacy on a weekend night off? Finally, it got to the point where I just had to embrace it and get to work for these people. You know? Show them what I'm all about? So I decide that I might as well show the people what celebrity interviews are all about since we haven't done one in a while and I heard from my people that there was a professional athlete in the building. So like a mongoose stalking its prey, I seek them out and get to work. Here's how it went down:

The Minnesota Twins were in town playing the Tigers. Craig Monroe and Delmon Young frequently show up at the bar when they are in town. Although I would have rather seen Billy Heywood, sure enough I see the two frequent visitors hanging by the pool table. I go over to Twins OF, Delmon Young, who just happened to be slumping in a chair near the table. He looked a little depressed, either because we were getting all the attention or because he just lost in pool to his buddy Craig Monroe (who I noticed absolutely sucked at pool).

ME: What's up, bud? (I put my arm around him to try and cheer him up a little)
Delmon Young: Yo, what's up.
ME: You seem down. Cheer up. I have you on my fantasy team, how do you feel about that?
DY: I'm not doing you too much help there, man.
ME: Listen to me. You'll be fine. You have 10 SB, you are hitting over .280. Alright, I'm not going to sit here and tell you what you need to improve on by saying you need to hit more bombs. I'll talk to you later buddy. Good luck tomorrow vs. the Tigers, but not really. You know what I mean?
DY: Haha, ya man. Thanks.

Soooo... Delmon was being kind of a putz. I could hear the fans whispering, "Wow, Delmon knows Detroit4lyfe? He must be sooo cool." Well, unfortunately my fans still wanted to get to know him better. So we decided to send in someone who always cheers me up when I'm blue: my girlfriend. She had no problem going right up to him and getting the interview going again.

Kaley: Hi. So you play baseball, huh?
DY: Uhh...Yes. I'm Delmon Young. You don't know me?
K: Nope. What position do you play?

(At this point Kaley looks over at us and we all give her the thumbs/beers up signal. She was doing great.)

DY: Outfield. Left field.
K: Ahhh, so you catch the pop ups or fly balls?
DY: Ha, yes.

(Craig Monroe rudely interrupts the interview and kisses Kaley on the cheek and says shes beautiful. She gives me the "I'm freaked out" eye and I slowly start to turn into the Hulk. Before I flip over the pool table, Monroe notices me and comes up and gives me a hug, saying he misses me and the rest of the Detroit fans. Craig talks to me for a few minutes about life. I forgive him for his inappropriate touching, I guess. Back to the interview.)

K: I have family in Minnesota. Do you live there all year round?
DY: No. I live in California during the off-season.
K: Oh that's so cool. My boyfriend is a big baseball fan just so you know.
DY: Oh ya? Is that your boy in the blue shirt over there?
K: Yes. (She waves and I give the bottle up signal)
DY: He's a real cool dude. Most interviewers come up and act all sketchy, but he was real chill. I like him a lot.
K: Thanks. I do too.
DY: What are you doing after?
K: We're going to this house party. Do you want to come?
DY: I don't do house parties. I'm staying at the Townshend. We should all hang out tomorrow night after the game. You need tickets for the game?
K: Uhh sure. I think my boyfriend is already going though.

DY: Alright give me your phone number. I'll text you.

(They exchange phone numbers. Normal, right?)

K: Alright, well it was nice meeting you and talkin with you.
DY: Yes. It was very nice meeting you too. I'll get up with you guys. Later.

The next morning Delmon leaves 4 tickets at will call for detroit4lyfe and Kaley. So now you are starting to see that this blog gets more perks than just free limo rides and bottles of expensive champagne. We're starting to get free tickets to games. What's next? An all expense paid trip to Europe or a million dollars to advertise other corporations??? Who knows.

If you don't know who Delmon Young is maybe you'll have a better idea after watching him strike out in this video.... I'm just glad he didn't throw a pool stick at me.



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