Kevin Garnett- A Fraud

Posted by Chip Stevenson

When the Celtics won the NBA championship, many people put aside their hatred of the Celtics to be happy for Kevin Garnett. Everyone seemingly respected the passion that he displays in nearly every single game, and they thought that he deserved the championship ring because all he ever cares about is winning. Well, this story might change everyone's mind about what Garnett REALLY cares about. It comes from Chris McCosky of the Detroit News. I'll post the relevant parts from the story but you can read the whole thing here.

"Did you catch Kevin Garnett's over-the-top emotional postgame interview with Michele Tafoya after the Celtics clinched the title last week?

Tafoya asked him to reveal his emotions and Garnett paused, put his hands on his head, looked up to the heavens and said, 'Anything's possible.' Then he practically bawled it out, 'Anything's possible.'

I about threw up, but I didn't get fully disgusted until I read a comment by CNBC reporter Darren Rovell. He pointed out that Garnett had been involved with the adidas' "Impossible is nothing" campaign for several years.

Instead of a spontaneous response, Garnett was filming a commercial. And, perhaps as some poetic justice, he flubbed his line."

So the guy who is supposed to only care about winning basketball games uses his very first national interview after winning the championship to try to cash in on some advertising dollars... Sheesh. All this time I thought Kevin Garnett was a relic, a blast from the past, one of the last few professional athletes who truly cared about the bottom line- winning. Unfortunately, he has been led astray by the almighty dollar just like almost everyone else.

Here's the video of the post game interview. The adidas ad comes in at about 1 minute and 30 seconds.

-C. Stevenson


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