It's A Lot Like the Song "Hit Me Baby One More Time"

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Have you heard of it? In the song a young, beautiful girl delivers a real knock out punch to the ever so popular, and growing, pop world. After that the song took off to number one on the charts and she has since been the main focus of all paparazzi and plays an integral role in the themes of certain South Park episodes. Well more importantly, the effect of my favorite song ever is exactly parallel to what James Shields and the Tampa Bay Rays are doing to the Boston Red Sox world. Like Spears was with her first single in respect to the pop charts, the Rays are a hot, young team trying to climb the AL EAST. This analogy is very appropriate and serves its purpose perfectly, so I don't want to hear any guff about it. Let's just hope the Rays can contain themselves once they do get to the top and don't shave their heads and start trading their kids (farm system) in for partying and bipolar induced shenanigans.

A little analysis regarding the photo above. It looks like Coco Crisp the cereal was photo shopped in to a picture of James Shields pitching. Shields has perfect balance and great arm motion as he throws that punch which also emulates very solid pitching mechanics. Crips looks like he is dodging a pitch that is high and inside. This fight was pretty cool because benches were obviously cleared and punches were thrown and landed. Suspensions were handed out a couple days after the brawl and the most surprising suspension of all was Sean Casey, Detroit's better mayor. He received 3 games. I was shocked when I saw this at the bottom of my ESPN ticker and immediately wondered how he could have been suspended considering he is probably the nicest guy in baseball. MLB cited Casey as suspended "for fighting," but I refuse to believe he threw punches or tried to hurt anyone. My only guess to the matter is that Casey was way too nice in trying to break up the fight. A 3 game suspension, the least for any of the players involved and that were suspended, is Selig's way of saying, "Grow a pair and throw some punches. You are way too nice."

I saw the movie You Dont Mess with Zohan the other night and it was pretty funny. The randomness of it made it pretty gooooood. Anyway, I had found this video before I saw the movie and considering she played an instrumental role in the film (and that I talked about pop music earlier in the post) I thought it was even more relevant to include in this post. I beg her cleavage's pardon for making fun of this pitch and saying that she might have a Cannon for a boyfriend but she definitely doesn't have a Cannon for an arm.

Lastly, I found a video of the Penguins' Malkin playing hockey in the playoffs. It's too bad his goal at the very end was way too late for the Penguins. I hope to see the Stanley Cup out on the town and party with the Wings like they have been doing with a ton (2) of other people I know....



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