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Shaquille O'Neal is at it again. Upon realizing he is washed up and may not have the strength in his big toes to ever rule the NBA world again he figured he better get used to making headlines in other ways or else find himself living vicariously through younger stars like Bill Russell does with Kevin Garnett. Shaq thinks he's still BIG though and he must know exactly what the media world loves: A Shaq/Kobe feud rekindling. Sunday night Shaq freestyle rapped at a NYC club and made Kobe Bryant the butt of it. Shaq continuously dissed Kobe, asking him how his ass tasted (gross probably), claimed Kobe was a tattle and the reason the O'Neal's were going to get a divorce, and also rapped that Kobe couldn't do without him. See for yourself:

This is probably the worst freestyle ever. No wonder his CDs have sold less copies than a Scarlett Johansson album.

Anyway, this video leak has made me think about times when athletes or people are caught on tv and do something stupid or use language that they should not probably be using.

For example, Kevin Garnett, who has made a real DERP out of himself lately is caught here saying "fucking faggots" right before a TNT commercial break. Smooth and classy move, KG.

This next video is from the same exact playoff series between the Celtics and Cavs. It happens after a hard foul by Paul Pierce on Lebron James. As their momentum carries them into the crowd, a woman tries to get in the middle of the scrum. While Lebron and Pierce are trying to get back on the court you can see that Lebron tells the woman to "sit yo ass down." Well, that woman is his MOTHER. I would also like to point out that KG pulls another classy move by trying to reach around Mrs. James and touch her left boob. He is inappropriately being very touchy with her. Also take a look at the Celtics' players reactions after they hear Lebron tell his mother to sit her ass down. They are pretty appalled. I love you mom.

The next video I have isn't really that embarassing or stupid. It's actually funny. First of all, the woman reporter for Detroit's NBC is clearly a bitchy slut. I think she sucks at interviewing and probably has had more of her fair share of sucking. But here she demands Lebda to get interviewed and he rightfully so disrespects her about 25 seconds in to hold up the cup. Right around the 37 second mark he drops a "F" bomb. This example is clearly one of the more classier ones.

The next couple of videos come again from the Red Wings finals series vs. the Penguins. I believe these are pre-game commentary by Bernie Smilovitz and Mickey Redmond in Pittsburgh and a Penguin fan decides he wants to make himself look like a jackass on television. This is also a prime example of Mickey Redmond acting like he's been there before. He handles the situation brilliantly.

The only funny thing about this douchestick interrupting Mickey is that he comes back for more.

I know there are tons of videos of athletes or people making themselves look like anal creams on national television so if you have any links to ones you want to throw at us here then please feel free to leave them in a comment. If you get a chance try searching for Rasheed's "get that f***ing camera out of my face" from this past playoffs (he has a ton I'm sure though), and the video of Manny Ramirez picking his nose on FOX.

Another good video would be of Kenny Rogers (tonight's starter for the Tigers) tossing a Texas camera man around like a football. PS- The Tigers are 4-0 when I am in attendance and I'll be there the next two nights. Look for me on television, I'll be the guy asking Chip how my ass tastes.



Anonymous   says 11:03 PM

Thanks to an inside source (Dupree) I've learned that Shaq has been asked to return his special deputy's badge in Phoenix because of his freestyle rap. Wear that Shaq.

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