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Posted by Bob Biscigliano

I want to follow up on my post from last night about the Detroit Red Wings game and talk about how everyone in Detroit should be convicted of their guilt. Game 5 was absolutely amazing- everyone at the Joe, at the bar, and at home watching this game was on pins and needles as the Wings dominated all three Otis Thorpes until Hudler's 4 minute double minor. Unfortunately the Penguins took advantage of their 3rd power play in the extra sessions and have sent the series to a game 6 in Pittsburgh. This wasn't supposed to happen though. Everyone and their cats and gerbils thought the Wings were going to be hoisting the Cup last night-not only before the game started but definitely with a minute to play. Even the Cup caretaker was primping it to go out onto the ice. Everyone in Detroit was celebrating a Stanley Cup championship when we were only up 3-1 in the series. Everyone is guilty. I'm definitely guilty of this. After the game Mike Babcock put the loss into Shakespearian words: "We were too focused on outcome and not the process." Now the Wings will go into Pittsburgh with a 3-2 series lead without any assurance of a Stanley Cup win. Perhaps this will be good for the Wings because everywhere they go in Pittsburgh, people will not be already patting them on the back for their Stanley Cup victory before it happened. Instead, they will be booed, flipped off, and most likely mooned by guys who don't like to wipe. I hope this means they will be able to focus better and actually come back with the Cup.

I chose a picture of Patrick Roy bleeding because I love to see him hurting. Hockey's a great game though because there's tons of tough hits and bloody brawls with really dramatic play. I have a lot of respect for a guy like Malone on Pittsburgh because he took a puck to the face and came back to play shortly after nearly bleeding to death. This picture has nothing to do with my respect for the game because I really don't respect Patrick Roy. Especially since this referree is escorting him to the woman's washroom.

I would like to finish with another allusion to my last post and own up to being 100% wrong with my prediction. Flip Saunders has indeed been fired by the Detroit Pistons. Mainly, I owe Flip an apology for making fun of his eating habits. He was not being fat. He was in fact walking through Birmingham for the last time and that is why he was eating ice cream and looking so depressed. At that point, he had already discussed his future with Joe Dumars earlier that day and so he wanted to drown his sorrows by eating a tub of ice cream like a high school girl who didn't get her dream date to the dance. He said he was going to go to KFC later because he probably wanted to say good bye to the workers there since they had served him so many times before games. I have to apologize to Flip for defaming his character. Lastly, if the Pistons sign Avery Johnson that will be the worst thing in the world and I will miss Flip greatly. I have heard though from an inside source that Michael Curry will be the new coach.

Flip... Flip... GAME OVER.



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