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For the 4th time in 11 seasons, and 11th time in franchise history, the best team in the NHL all season long, the Detroit Red Wings, clinched the Stanley Cup Championship tonight. I think its entirely fitting for this blog that the winning goal was diarearah'ed into the net by Fleury as he sat on the puck. Not the most glorious of goals but definitely one to remember forever.

I just want to send out my congratulations to the Wings along with a personal celebratory YAY! to go along with the chocolate sundae I cockily ordered with 3 minutes left in the 3rd period (I did not learn my lesson from game 5). I am really enjoying this Stanley Cup victory because I think I'm old enough to appreciate it and there aren't any real distractions in the way. In 1997, it was amazing, but obviously the celebration was cut short a week or so after when Konstantinov was involved in the life changing car accident on Woodward. 1998 was special because Konstantinov was there in his wheel chair; and of course it was a repeat title, but still depressing that he was in that accident in the first place. It was definitely emotional, but more of a celebration of him still having his life than it being a Stanley Cup celebration. In 2002, I was probably old enough to appreciate it, but that weekend they won it my grandma passed away and I absolutely destroyed a deer (and my jeep) while driving on the highway. Since 2002, I have been away from home for almost 4 years which has definitely allowed my loyalty and passion for Detroit and its sports to grow immensely. I followed the NHL even closer than ever this year because of how good the Wings were supposed to be despite not having my favorite athlete ever, Steve Yzerman, on the team as their Captain. I really feel like I can fully enjoy the title this year in a different light and in its entirety. Pray to God it can be. Either way, let's be happy that the Stanley Cup is back in Detroit. Unfortunately, cheesy congratulations, massive erections, and Gramatica-like celebrations will not be the only focus of this post tonight though. I would really like to take a step back and tell everyone to shut up about Sidney Crosby and the upcoming NBA finals. First, about the NBA....When I went to espn.com tonight after the Wings game, it takes me to a friggin advertisement of GAME 1 of the NBA FINALS. GAME 1!! The Red Wings just won the CHAMPIONSHIP! Why in the Gary, Indiana is that advertisement there, trying to steal the thunder from the Red Wings?? Game 1 of the NBA FINALS should be an after thought after a major sporting team just won a CHAMPIONSHIP. Especially since this STANLEY CUP FINALS SERIES has revived the NHL. Speaking of the NHL, let's get over this whole- "Sid the Kid is the face of the NHL" ploy. This series was amazing and it wasn't because of Sidney Crosby. That's for sure. Let me elaborate here and point out how ridiculous the obsession with Crosby has gotten. Don Cherry and Barry Melrose start off their analysis after DETROIT WINS THE CHAMPIONSHIP (!!!) by saying, "Ohh Pittsburgh did a pretty good job....uhhh I think Crosby was hurt when he was hit in the corner there." Are you kidding me with that jacket and analysis Don??? You and Sid need to grow up here. I will forgive you though because you did end by predicting the Wings to repeat next year. But seriously, ESPN and sports world, let's put all this side crap where it belongs...on the side for tonight.

Minus all the bullshit hype for the pre-planned NBA finals and absurd over-focus on the face of the NHL, Sidney Crosby, tonight is an amazing night in sports, the NHL, and especially DETROIT. DETROIT RED WINGS. 2008 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS. Holla. I'll see you and Kid Rock at the parade on Friday. Once again, YES hockeytown. Insert Zumaya fist pump here. (PS- He hit 100 mph twice today, apparently. Too bad the Tigers might very well be out of contention by the time he gets back...okay let's not ruin tonight by talking about the Tigers. I'm going to go dismantle my toilet, pretend its the Stanley Cup, drink out of it, and speak one of the gibberish languages like I'm on the Red Wings. "YA YA Very great. It's great" Celebration time.

PS- Kris Draper was called Chuck Norris by Smilovitz on NBC during the celebration and sure enough Drapes said what is posted in the title of this post. Not only that, but according to Chip, Draper forced his 10 year old kids to drink alcohol from the Cup. Good parenting, good quote, good stuff and good night.



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