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Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Yesterday I graduated from college and I have to admit that I was pretty emotionless during the entire commencement. Although I was very happy my beloved family and girlfriend was present for a once in a lifetime event, I am not all that depressed to be leaving college and taking the next step in the game of life. The next move for me will be to law school in Atlanta. Although I am going in with my mind ajar, ultimately becoming a MLB agent really intrigues me.

Currently, I am in Charleston, SC for what could be my last organized baseball game(s) ever. Those emotions are held in a whole other bag that I am not so sure I am interested in talking about here tonight. You'll have to read my memoir or watch "The Rookie" to hear how it plays out.

I would like to comment briefly about Chip's post on Boston. I'm going to go against Chip's feelings and say that I think I hate/respect Boston. Put the knife away. Let's take a deep breath. Now I know I've only been there a few times in my almost 23 years, but Boston has been getting a lot of shit for a long time. Aside from the tea party situation, the Red Sox were cursed for 28475439 years until 2004 when they came back from an 0-3 series deficit to beat the possibly more hated Yankees while they were drunk and went on to win the World Series. I know exactly how it feels to be a huge part of a cursed organization. I don't think anyone can say that the Red Sox run in 2004 wasn't awesomazing. Furthermore, the Celtics are arguably one of the best organizations in NBA history. If you've ever slept with basketball, you have to respect that. Now despite all that, I do in fact hate what Boston has become today. The Red Sox are acting like a greedy beggar on Woodward Ave. The Celtics sold out and made a ridiculous off season trade that brought in two old, big names to play with Pierce and said, "We want to win now and only now while we come up with a not very creative, we get it, slogan- The Boston Three Party." Reiterating what Chip said, the Patriots choked and have been cheating for years. Clearly, those are all hate-able offenses. Contrary to all that however, tonight something happened in Boston that has to inherit some respect. Jon Lester threw a no-no against the best team in the MLB when they are playing Detroit, the Kansas City Royals. Less than 2 years ago, Jon Lester was diagnosed with cancer which he ultimately beat. The fact that he beat cancer, alone, is a very very respectable feat. To come back and throw a no hitter in a MLB game, less than 2 years later is more than respectable. I agree that his no hitter might have been karma kicking Chip in the balls, slapping him in the face, and calling him an ugly woman, but it also has to fall within the things we must respect about Boston- while still being amongst all the things we also hate about Boston too. I may have changed the definition of hate/respect slightly without knowing how or why, but Webster, Oxford, and Mr. Dictionary.com don't even know shit about it- so tiny ammendments or contextual changes can be made, right? Does any of that make sense??? Probably not, but the moral of this probably incoherent rant is to tip my cap to Sir Jon Lester. (see Willis picture at top) Detroit Pistons in 6.

A subject I can talk about without the underwear stuck between my cheeks- and with a little more ease- is the Detroit Red Wings reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. I am so geeked up about this Finals matchup because it includes 2 amazing teams and 4 young superstars (Red Wings v. Penguins and Datsyuk/Zetterberg v. Crosby/Malkin). The NHL could not possibly ask for anything better when promoting the sport that has been lost to so many in the USA since the strike. Tonight the Red Wings defeated the Dallas Stars with easy mac and cheese, 4-1 to win the series 4-2. Game one of the NHL finals will be on VS, Saturday, May 24th. Games 3 and 4 will be on NBC- which is also good for the sport to be on extra-national television (Saying 'national television' has sort of changed meanings over the years considering everyone has cable now adays. ESPN is national television, but wouldn't have been for me 4 years ago because my mother is still slowly emerging from the 1940s. VS channel NOW is probably more national television than ESPN to me THEN. My guess is that most cable enabled homes have the VS channel, but it's still not considered a national channel, right?) My prediction is Detroit in 5.

The Tigers had an off-day today. I am at a loss for words with them...I hope they win 15 in a row and make me forget about this terrible first quarter of the season. I truly don't know what I'm talking about Dontrelle.

I'll be in Detroit after Davidson baseball shocks the world.....hopefully.



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