Posted by Chip Stevenson

The following post is solely about the completely over-discussed topic of steroid usage in sports.  It's short, but I hope it's a little bit enlightening.  Still, feel free to skip it if you are like me and completely 100% sick of hearing about steroids.

For the last couple years, I feel like the media has been treating me like Kobayashi (pictured above) and force feeding me as many stories about steroids as I could possibly handle.  I've become so completely jaded from all the steroid talk that I really just want to forget about it and move on like it almost never happened.  Still, I came across a couple pictures today that I feel like I have to pass along because of how the effects of steroid usage are so striking in them. 

This first set of pictures is of All Pro Linebacker Shawne Merriman.  The first picture up there was taken during the 2006 season when he was suspended four games for using steroids and still managed a career high 17 sacks in just 12 games.  The second picture is of a much smaller Shawne Merriman taken during last season when he was definitely off the juice.  That season he managed only 12.5 sacks, a full 4.5 less than the previous steroid-enhanced season, when he played 3 more games than the previous year.  He looks like two different people to me in those pictures- an intimidating man/beast compared to a slightly large teddy bear.

The second picture is of Roger Clemens.  I can't stomach hearing another word spoken about him since that's all I've been hearing lately from his starring role in the Mitchell Report to his affair with a 15 year old country singer, but I just wanted to post this picture and ask the question- How the hell did we not realize he was on steroids?  His hat is literally ripping at the seams because his head is so big.  His neck is wider than his jaw line and his teeth are about to crack under the pressure of roid rage.  

I guess my only point with this post, and I know people have said this before, is that I'm disappointed in all of us for not realizing that steroids were a big problem from the very beginning when we saw athletes like these guys with heads the size of watermelons.  Anyways, that's the last thing I hope I ever say about steroid use... Thanks for letting me vent a little.

-Mr. Stevenson


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