Sweep Week

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

What looks like a woman sweeping strands of grass off of the ole' man's shoes is actually a woman sweeping strands of grass off of the ole' man's shoes. However, it also serves as a metaphor for Detroit sports. Tonight, for the second time this week, Detroit has swept the sports nation with wins coming from the Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers. 2 of the wins were sweeps within the sweep (Tigers sweeping Yankees and Red Wings sweeping Avs). I tell you what, with all these sweeps from Detroit- the city is going to start looking like Mr. Clean's living room.

The Pistons finished off a pesky 76'ers team, 4-2 in pretty easy fashion. It was so easy, that I stopped watching as soon as we took a 5-0 lead. They will move on not to face Frank Orlando, but to face the Magic. Dwight Howard is a man among pre-pubescents, however I feel pretty good that the Stones will come out ready.

The Red Wings outscored the Tigers, and almost outscored the Pistons, as they finished off a clean sweep of the Colorado Avalanche tonight by a score of 8-2. Jeff Franzen thinks he's Jeremy Roenick or something because he has absolutely GONE OFF. He now has 11 goals in the playoffs and outscored the Avs 9-8 in the series. That's right. That means if you put Franzen on the ice with Osgood vs. Colorado, 2 on 5, the Red Wings would have still won the series. That's exactly what would have happened too. Franzen said so himself: "I would have beat them myself if I had to.". See? Either way, the Red Wings advance to the Conference Finals, most likely to face Gordon Bombay and the old Minnesota Stars. It should be a doozie. FYI- I'm hoping for a Red Wings/Penguins finals.

Lastly, the Detroit Tigers swept the Yankees at Yankee Stadium for the first time since the 3/5 compromise was still in effect. This is the last time that the Tigers will ever play at the historic Yankee Stadium and I couldn't be happier about us kicking their hall of fame statues and stealing their rosin bags before we left. The Tigers improved to 14-15, one game under .500 after starting the season 0-7 and 2-9. They go into Minnesota tomorrow night for a weekend series. Hopefully, they can continue to win ball games.

Cruceta made his Major League debut tonight, and although he looked nothing like Max Scherzer of Arizona, (mainly because Max is white), he still looked fine. He has some pretty big expectations considering he put a lot on himself by striking out 15 people in 7 IP in triple A before getting called up. His debut came on a pretty crappy night as it was cold, rainy, at the intimidating Yankee stadium (as Chip said), and he had to be confused with his thinking the entire time. "I'm going to be the last Tiger pitcher to EVER throw here and it's only my MLB debut. Todd Jones is warming up in the pen and he hasn't blown a save yet this year, so he's definitely due to lose one. I don't want to help lose the game in my debut. What's going on? Why is Inge throwing down fingers? What do they mean? Did I brush my teeth this morning? Wait a minute...I'm not wearing any underwear! Holy shit! I'm nervous." All that aside, Cruceta came out of his first ever MLB inning unscathed, despite a leadoff walk. I'm looking forward to seeing this young pitcher develop and if we can get Rodney and Zumaya back- the Tigers will have such a great, deep bullpen that we will not need starters anymore.

I will leave you with a nice video welcoming you to Detroit city because you'll be hearing a lot about us.....Little disclaimer before watching this...if you are under the age of 17, two things before you click play: 1) you probably shouldn't be here 2) ear muffs.


I think I saw my neighbor in there.

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