Loose Ends and Hot Topics

Posted by Chip Stevenson

For this post, I just want to touch on a few short topics and tie up some loose ends that have been on my mind recently...

-I'll start off with a little fantasy football talk. I know it's pretty early for this kind of stuff especially when baseball is in full swing and both the NHL and the NBA are in the middle of their playoffs, but I came across some interesting information about one of my favorite fantasy football players. I'll admit right now that I'm as inexperienced with fantasy football as Dupree is with women- we have both only had two opportunities to take home the gold and we both have never sealed the deal. Still, in my two years of playing fantasy football with money on the line, I have had one underrated, consistent player that has been a key component of my team throughout my fantasy football experience and his name is Chris Cooley. He's obviously not at the level of the Antonio Gateses and Tony Gonzalezes of the world, but anyone who shows up to practice wearing cheerleading shorts is cool with me. He really is only a notch below the top flight tight ends, yet he gets drafted wayyy later than those guys. So, I am willing to give away my fantasy football secret to all of our loyal readers that I guarantee will bring you the fantasy football championship belt by telling you guys to pass on the top tight ends and draft Cooley later... if only so that you can stare at his fiance throughout the year.

-Next topic I want to talk about is Justin Verlander's mound presence, or lack thereof. The guy can throw 100 mph, has a nasty curveball and a knee-wobbling change up yet he doesn't seem to have that killer instinct that all the nasty starting pitchers have. With his kind of stuff and the fact that he led the majors in hit batters last year, he should have a continuous scowl in his face during his whole outing, intimidating the hell out of the opposing team, and he should just freakin dominate games. Enough of this stupid leg kick and nibbling at the plate- throw your damn 100 mph cheese down the middle of the plate and strike guys out. Instead, he takes pictures like this one that makes all the girls out there think that he's a guy you can take home to your mother. Look at the picture of Josh Beckett, the guy he is throwing against today- you dont know if he is ready for a nap or ready to go break some heads, and that's what makes him so good. Both Beckett and Verlander have unbelievable stuff and both of them have obviously had their fair share of success, but what separates the two of them is how they carry themselves on the mound. Beckett KNOWS he is going to get every hitter out while Verlander seems to be HOPING that the hitter wont get a hit. I'm sick and tired of it, but luckily I have a solution: All Verlander needs to do is take a page from another flamethrower, cut his hair and buy some glasses to wear on the mound.... problem solved. If Papelbon can survive going number 2 on the field and accessorizing during a game yet still be intimidating, I'm sure Justin will figure it out and turn it around.

-I also wanted to mention a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I have often heard from baseball fans something to the effect of, "It's an error, he touched it," or, "He should have had it, but he didn't touch it so it's not an error." Apparently, a rumor started long ago that errors in baseball are determined by whether the defender touched the ball or not and the majority of fans have bought into the idea. I want to stop this once and for all right here. Touching the ball does not even come close to determining whether a defender should be charged with an error. If a player makes a full out dive and the ball knocks off the tip of his glove, does he get an error? If an infielder has a ball go right through his legs without ever touching it, is he charged with an error? I rest my case. Please, please, please do not bring this did he touch it? BS up around me anymore, ok? Thanks.

-Last thing I wanted to do in this post was just give everyone a little update on my two favorite non-tagers that I posted a while back. Micah Owings is currently 4-1 with a 4.33 era and he's hitting .417 with a home run and 2 doubles in 24 at bats. The other day during one of his off days, he pinch hit for another pitcher and the opposing manager actually switched relievers to get a more favorable matchup against Owings. Owings had none of that though and promptly hit a pitch over the fence for a 2 run home run. I have seen pitchers used as pinch hitters once in a while but I have never seen an opposing manager use his bullpen specifically to counteract a pitcher's pinch hit at bat. Pretty sweet... Also, Josh Hamilton is hitting .292 with 7 home runs and 36 rbis, which leads the majors.... I guess I chose well.

Ok, that's it for now but I'm hoping to get some feedback on the style of this post- all the links and what not. Are there too many links (I feel like there probably are too many)? Is it too annoying to have to click on all of them rather than just have the pictures in the post? Should we just go back to the old style with the pictures in the post and no links? Any suggestions? We appreciate it.

Sincerely Yours,
Chip Stevenson

UPDATE: After hearing some feedback, I realize that we force the reader to do a little bit of work with posts like these that some people may not like.  Hopefully, these posts offer a little change of pace to the normal workings of the blog, but I don't think that we plan on doing these all the time, so don't worry.  We'll go back to the normal style for the most part and do these types of posts only every now and then.  Stay tuned.


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