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The Pistons lost to the Celtics tonight in game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. That right there has put me in a miserable mood but since it's so tough to win on the road in the playoffs I'm hoping that we can steal a game in Boston on Thursday night and go back to Motown with the series tied 1-1. Garnett played a great game while Sheed and Chauncey failed to show up and didn't do anything more than show off their new fashion statement of wearing leggings under their shorts.

Anyways I'm sure they'll step up and come to play in the future and maybe even show some leg.

Now recently Chip and Pacman have touched on the subject of hate/respect, now I will speak of something that I don't hate/respect but instead something that I just hate with a passion.

- Bench players in the NBA who get so excited and cheer so ridiculously throughout the course of the game. In my opinion they should sit on their ass and cheer their teammates (the ones who actually play) on in a fashion that does not embarrass themselves and everyone around them. In the playoffs I have seen it on multiple occasions where a player who gets zero playing time is more emphatic and overly excited at the sight of a good play than the players who are actually on the court. Another thing about these bench players that has ticked me off is trying to distract shooters in the corner by clapping their hands or yelling in their ears attempting to get them to miss. That is just bush league and is absolutely ridiculous. I have seen a poor excuse for a player, Eddie "I have no home" House, do it on multiple occasions and it makes me sick to see that kind of poor sportsmanship. There's a reason why he's been on 8 different teams in 10 years and literally has no place to call home (even though he did hit one three tonight...I chalk that up to karma again, thank Chip for that one).

On another note the Tigers won tonight, yahoo. That puts them just 9 games below .500. Hopefully Jim Leyland has scared the Tigers with his pre-game rant where he went on saying that he's going to start naming names when it comes to who's playing poorly....I'm pretty sure we don't need him to start bashing his own players, we can just look at the stats and see who's playing like dog crap (pretty much everyone on the Tigers). Leyland also went off on Pacman's boy, Jason Grilli. It all started when Grilli had said that "the Tigers hurt their chemistry by getting rid of players such as Sean Casey" and "that led to a stale and stagnant atmosphere in the clubhouse". The skipper fired back by saying that Grilli didn't pitch well under pressure and didn't pitch well in Detroit at all. Ouch, even though I'm sure Jason was just upset that the Tags got rid of himself and Casey, maybe he should just keep his mouth shut. I hope the Tigers do a Michigan u-turn and right the ship after the win but how many times have we said that this year.

Finally, I wanted to congratulate the Davidson Wildcat baseball team for fighting until the very end today in a tough 12 inning loss. They were down late and could've thrown in the towel but stayed in there and fought like true champions do. It's sad to see the senior's careers end but I know they will not be forgotten. Pacman---> the best pitcher I've ever caught...I'm upset to see it end (I was kind of living vicariously through your baseball career). Anyways, good season Wildcats and as a wise man once said, "keep your chin up".

Go Pistons, Go Red Wings, Go Tigers, and last.... and definitely least, Go Shock



So true about the bench players screaming in other players' faces when they are about to shoot from the corner. Also, I warmed up pacman once and it was the scariest thing I've ever done. Definitely the best pitcher that I have ever caught as well.

Eddie House is apparently notorious for doing that. He clapped literally inches from Lebron's head in the last series and last night was standing up and yelling right behind Sheed, who calmly knocked it down and ran back shaking his head and looking at House.

I also completely regret writing the Boston Sucks post before the series with the Pistons started. Although, I think Chauncey Billups' bum leg made up the majority of karma's wrath last night. If he played up to par, we would have won and karma would have been taking a nap.

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