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Posted by Bob Biscigliano

The Detroit Red Wings became the 155th team in NHL history to take a 3-0 playoff series lead as they defeated the Dallas Scrubs 5-2. Pavel Datsyuk had 3 goals and accumulated more hats tonight than John Eshelman has during his entire hat collecting career. It is worth noting that the Red Wings have played the last couple games without their leading playoff scorer Johan Franzen, who is out with concussion like symptoms. (I get those all the time. I know how he feels). Anyway, it doesn't matter that he has not played because Detroit is absolutely absurdly good and playing out of their minds. From the sound of it, and from reading commentary on the games, it appears the Red Wings are dominating every minute. I wish I could witness every game first hand, but the NHL is STILL not on a normal national television channel. Instead, I have to listen to most games when I can't be around a rich person who has the complete cable package. It's okay though... I can tell you how Grand Rapids' arena football team did this year since ESPN loves showing those games. At least some regularly televised shows are trying to relay to non-cable owners the awesome-ness of Detroit Red Wings hockey (Don't mind Chip's friends dancing at the beginning of this video):

If you're not into real obvious messages...maybe a more subliminal message might do the trick:

The Red Wings will try and sweep the series Wednesday. The Todd has his broom ready.

In other sports news, the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic will tip-off game 5 tomorrow in Orlando. Chauncey Billups still appears to be nursing an injured hamstring and might sit his 2nd game in a row. If I were Flip Saunders, I would definitely not play him. Since the Pistons are up 3-1 this game doesn't really matter much. We won without him the other day and besides, if we lose we are still up 3-2 and he gets a couple more days off. Besides, Jameer Nelson guaranteed victory in game 5, so it'd be a waste to play Billups when we are guaranteed to lose. Guarantees ALWAYS work. Or is that just with Rasheed? Either way, I say rest Billups and hope the Stones can pull out another victory while giving him a couple more days of rest. That way, he can be healthier for the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Three Party or Lebron.

The Tigers had tonight off. This was their 2nd day off after yesterday's rain out. They begin a series vs. the annoying Royals tomorrow night. Nate Robertson gets the nod against Zach Greinke. The Tigers hope the 2 days of nothing but green tea, Jim Leyland bed time stories, voodoo and deep breaths will help them turn their bats around into the offense everyone has expected thus far.

To finish things off tonight, I would like to discuss some of my beef that I have with the world of Subway. First of all, Jared got skinny walking to Subway, not by eating it everyday. Secondly, Chip still gets free subs there for having the same first name. Lastly, I want to share an experience I ALWAYS have when I eat at subway. Here is the basic conversation I have with the sandwich artist that serves me everytime:
Sandwich artist: Any dressing?

Me: Yes, Italian dressing please.

Sandwich artist: I'm sorry, we don't have any italian dressing, but we have oil and vinager!

Me: Irrelevant.

Sandwich artist: Would you want that on your sub then? (9 out of 10 times they go ahead and start squirting them on there anyway)

Me: Absolutely not. I asked for Italian. Why would I want oil and vinager if I asked for italian? What if my second choice was ranch!?

My conclusion: Quizno's is way better and they have HUGE delicious cookies.

That's all for tonight... I'm going to strip down, NOT look at porn, and hit the hay.



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