Acting with Force or Violence

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Lately, the Detroit Tigers lineup looks like this ....
ACTING WITH FORCE OR VIOLENCE is certainly not how the "new" Detroit Tigers lineup acted Monday night. Isn't that supposed to define Jim Leyland's "new" lineup? Wasn't there going to be a 'drastic' change?? Well, I certainly did not see it. My prediction of Sheffield playing in left was correct, and my theory that Joyce might play, was not far off base. However, I was not expecting Magglio to DH and Guillen to continue his doodie at 3B. Yes, I mean doodie. He has been terrible there. (Is it ironic that Renteria was the one who made 2 errors tonight?). I digress....The Detroit lineup, pictured above, did not perform how I expected. Although they were patient with 10 walks, they decided to surrender there WMDs (Bats) to DiceBB Matsukasjldfka and the rest of South Korea to try and win the game by walks alone. Unfortunately, the Red Sox decided to score a normal amount of runs to win a game and our 3 runs was not enough. Here are my thoughts....

Although I am happy for Joyce to be in the bigs, I do not feel its necessary to start him the very first game he is up with the ball club. Why not let him ride the pine to take it all in at first? Why put him out there right away, especially on the day you say you are going to make a drastic lineup change, and put all the pressure on him to perform well? Not only that, but you are sending the message to the fans that this lineup will be THE lineup. Clearly, if THE lineup consists of Magglio DH'in and Guillen at 3B, the Tigers are doomed and Leyland is dead set for lung cancer by June. I still think this was impulsive and not fully thought out. Although I completely agree with Jones being designated, I think the rest was ill-advised and done under the influence at Drew's 21st birthday party. I FULLY expect the lineup to be what I predicted it to be on my last post. If Sheffield is going to hit 6, that's fine. But the positions should be as I said. Leyland, I dare you to start being the manager you were in 2006. That's my final answer, Regis.

In addition to my beef with the Tigers tonight, I would also love to provide a toast to the clock-keepers at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Due to their lack of pressing START on the clock machine, Chauncey Billups was awarded with a 3 pointer at the end of the 3rd quarter. Upon further review, I would like to dish out more thanks to the referees who decided not to count the seconds with a stop watch, but with their fingers. This allowed them to mis-count and eventually count the basket. With the use of a real stop watch, the shot would never have counted. Anyway, the Pistons went up 3 at this point and never looked back as they won by 7, 100-93. Although they still would have probably won, it provides some controversy for Orlando fans to talk about until they lose game 3. Yay for low SAT scores.

Finally, I cannot wait for the Detroit Red Wings/Dallas Clouds series to begin. I really think this series is going to build off of the awesome series Dallas and San Jose had and rekindle the sport of the NHL. Mark Howe my words.

I'll get up with you more tomorrow...



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