Good News for Tigers Fans

Posted by Chip Stevenson

Finally, the Tags get some uplifting news courtesy of Joel Zumaya.... he is healthy enough to do a keg stand!

Who do you think he is giving the middle finger to? Tager fans?

It also looks like he is finally able to play some guitar hero too... maybe this year there wont be any Tager playoff baseball for Zumaya to miss because of it.

Let me go on record though and say that I dont really think this is all that big of a deal. Yes, I would rather have him wrapped in bubble wrap until he is ready to play again, but he is a 20 something year old guy who makes a lot of money... of course he is going to want to party every now and then. Hopefully, he makes it back this year and contributes to the amazing comeback run that I know the Tags are going to pull off, and I dont think that a keg stand is going to make or break that dream.


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