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Posted by Dupree

That was such a funny April fools joke the Tigers played on us, losing 7 straight to start the year off. Such a knee slapper, boy do we all feel silly now for thinking they were actually playing for real in those games. But next time maybe they should get the memo that April fools is only the 1st day in April, not the first 9.
On another note all of Detroit can thank me for the Tigers win tonight. Since the Tigers hadn't won, I decided to do the opposite of everything I had been doing. Rather than watch the game, I went and had a lovely dinner at the olive garden and yes I did find myself glancing over at the waitress wondering what kind of panties she was wearing (probably just basic white cotton but maybe something cool I've never seen before). Later on I came to realize that it was actually a man not a woman, whoopsies

Also to mix things up, hoping to alter the Tigers fortunes, I showered, brushed my teeth and all that other good stuff to go along with not watching the game. I must have been that bad luck guy who had watched every inning and that's why we were losing. It was kind of like in Celtic Pride when two die hard Boston fans (Daniel Stern and Dan Aykroyd) wore Utah Jazz jerseys to game 7 of the NBA Finals and tell everyone in the stands that they're the bad luck guys and they're reason the Celtics had lost the last 2 games. It didn't work out for them since the Celtics lost anyways but it is pretty solid reasoning. So everyone go out and buy an Indians jersey to wear in order to break the jinx of bad luck and continue the Tigers winning ways.
But it's Thursday now and the Tigers being winless is sooo yesterday so lets drop it. No more talk of the bad start and lets turn to the fact that everything is back to normal. The Tigers are winning and Todd Jones is making 9th innings very very interesting, pretty typical really (and I'm pooping and showering on a normal basis...I no longer smell like onions, yay).

----found this clip interesting even though it has abbsooolutely nothing to do with the topic of this post (take a look if you wish).....

nuff from me for today,


-Randolph Dupree


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