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Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Before I start saying anything about anything, I would like to mention that this is the very FIRST blog post EVER executed on my new laptop, Shaquira. Shaquira will be the source of many positive things in my life including clip art, microsoft office tools, of course NEW AMAZING POSTS, and most definitely not porn. I can not afford any viruses on this precious gigabyte-loaded, t-rex of a computer of mine; and I will not risk it with cheap fetishes or cougar hunting videos by the likes of pervs named Mike or Dave. I can assure you of that.

I digress... Detroit completed the ever so common hometown HAT TRICK today as the Pistons, Tigers, and Red Wings came out victorious over their inferior opponents. As a result, I'm missing a size 7 1/8 all black Detroit hat with a crooked brim. I threw it onto the streets to celebrate the victories, naturally. If you find it, please call me.

Anyway, the Pistons will most likely end their series with the 76'ers in 6 games and play the Orlando Magic. However, if the Atlanta Hawks take a chapter out of App. State's book and shock the world, then we could be seeing a Hawks/Pistons series reminiscent to the ole' Otis Thorpe vs. Steve Smith glory days. I really hope the Hawks beat the Celtics because it would prove that KG ain't nothing but a cheap imitation of Snoop Dogg and that "He Got Game" was not actually a good movie. However, a Hawks victory would definitely spell trouble for the Pistons given their recent history against them in the playoffs (lost in '97 and '99).

The Red Wings defeated the Avalanche 4-3 tonight to take a stranglehold on the Western Conference semi-final series, 3-0. I haven't watched much of this series due to the lack of nationally televised hockey in the past decade, but I heard it was a cool victory. I just hope they can make it past this round and perhaps the next so I might be able to watch a game or two. But seriously, I really care and have been wearing my old school Red Wings hat in support of them. By the wayside, Chip's article on his girlfriend, Ms. Hockey, made me cry and possibly even cream myself later that night. It could be that, or the fact that I was dreaming of skating on ice with Steve Yzerman when all of a sudden I was in Africa looking for Grant Furh's friend, John Casey, to score on- in a completely heterosexual way. Next thing I know, I wake up in a pool of melted ice (or urine) as buzzers are going off and people are chanting, "WHOOP THERE IT IS." See for yourself.

R.L. Stine wrote a good series of books about that goal.

Finally, the Tigers won a great game in New York tonight with yours truely in attendance. By yours truly, I mean Chip Stevenson. Chip will certainly write a post about his experience at famous Yankee Stadium, therefore, all I will say is that I was happy with the outcome and that Todd Jones gave up a run just to keep everyone's pulse rate normal while he was pitching.

Overall, I think this blog and the day Detroit had should receive an ovation similar to the one our city's Captain received here: (the guy in the long sleeved white t-shirt is me)



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