"Cabrera's Gonna Come Through Right Here"

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Rod Allen challenged Chip's right to the Nostradamus belt and took it away as he predicted Miguel Cabrera would indeed come through in the 8th inning while Magglio, the go ahead run, stood on second base. Cabrera came through big, hitting his 2nd home run of the season to give the Tigers the lead and a little Aflac run. (I would just like to add that I texted Chip right before Cabs at bat saying "Cabs is due for a bomb tonight" and sure enough he came through. Upon trying to prove my prediction to a friend at school, I accidently deleted my text messages; thus having no proof, receiving no kudo points, and may God have mercy on my soul). I digress....Cabrera's bomb proved to be HUGE because Todd "I Make My Saves Look Hard But They Are Really Easy" Jones gave up a controversial lead off triple to Delmon Young. It was a questionable call by the Mr. Umpire because Raburn appeared to have taken a home run away from Young; however the ball, which made the tip of the snow cone, fell out of his glove as he rolled around on the ground, trying to stand up. The ruling on the field was that he had to make an attempt to transfer the ball and throw it, which constitutes as having full control of the catch. There are so many arguments that can be inserted here for Raburn actually getting the call in his favor that I think I'll just omit those and let you comment and make them yourselves if you want. I am bias because the hit didn't matter and Delmon Young is on my fantasy team so it actually was okay with me that they called it a hit. Anyway, Todd Jones let Monroe single off him to score Young and got the next two guys out, ending the game dramatically with a strikeout. Yay!

After the game Todd Jones said that he was stupid for making that stupid pitch to Delmon Young, but it obviously didn't matter. The Tigers have won 2 in a row now, making it their longest winning streak ever....since I can remember. The Tigers travel to Cleveland where they will play the Indians for a 2 game series. In honor of the Tigers being back better than before, they will bring another Big Cat back as Andres Galarraga will come out of retirement and pitch for the Tigers in Game 1 of the series, going up against Cap's Crooked Sabathia. It's too bad Joe "Can I Borrow a Better Arm?" Borowski went on the DL before this series.

Let's come back down to planet Earth for a little bit and discuss some serious issues (Thanks for the 'Bless you', Chip). The Tigers are not out of the deep end yet, as they are still 4-10 and have the worst record in the majors. To make matters worse, Nate Robertson got injured last night- although it does not appear serious- and Dontrelle is currently on the DL. Although the DL is helping Dontrelle's BB/minutes alive ratio and Nate is just above an average MLB pitcher, they are still an instrumental part to the Tigers rotation and success.

As if the Tigers early hitting problems (which seem to be going away), Nate's potential nagging lat, Guillen's constant limping, Dontrelle's control problems, and Zumaya's keg stands aren't enough to raise concern; you ought to take a peek at
Justin Verlander's velocity in the early part of this season. I know it has been colder and that the Tiger's have been saying they want him to throw slower to create more movement on his pitches, but this on top of his early struggles has got to worry you a little bit, right? Then again, in the Chicago start he threw very well for 7 innings, and because the Tigers were being no hit he was thrown back out there in the 8th inning when it started to rain. As a result, he had some control problems and the White Sox hit him around. Therefore, his line would have been a lot better if the Tigers had scored the 17 runs they are supposed to score by the 7th inning. That means he would have been lifted before the 8th, leaving him with 7 IP and only 1 ER instead of the 6 ER he wound up allowing. Either way, I just thought this was worth mentioning because it scared me when I first saw it. (If you don't want to click on that link and read the article, then look at the following chart from its comments section. It displays the % of his fastballs that hit the listed MPH. Notice that he has not hit 97 or more at all according to this chart.)
Here’s just March & April numbers:

Spd 2007 2008
87 0.70%
88 1.41%
89 8.45%
90 11.97%
91 1.44% 23.24%
92 3.61% 23.24%
93 5.05% 9.86%
94 11.19% 8.45%
95 15.16% 9.15%
96 23.10% 3.52%
97 21.66%
98 15.52%
99 2.89%
100 0.36%

Some comical relief... Yahoo! Sports continues to have funny quips within their articles. Here is one I came across last night:

"Huston Street is starting to settle in. After allowing runs in each of his first three appearances of the season, he's recorded four consecutive scoreless saves. Admittedly, he was a bit of a circus closing out Chicago on Monday, giving a up a single and allowing the runner to move to second on a wild pitch. He then beaned A.J. Pierzynski, but that may have been intentional – you never know with Pierzynski since he's so bean-able. He then finished things off by whiffing Carlos Quentin and getting Joe Crede on a comebacker."

Quick little notes:

Today is the anniversary of the tragic VT shootings that occured last year. One of the victims was Brian Bluhm, a die-hard Tigers fan, who was known to many avid Tigers fans as Brian B. or estrepe1. Chip and I had come across Bluhm's comments on various Tigers message boards. It was a terrible day to hear about the shootings, and an even worse one when Tiger nation found out it lost a dear fan. Here is an emotional article I found posted on another Tiger fan's blog:
It's a Dark Day
Link my article written last year about it; see bottom

Jair Jurrjens has his own fan website/blog:

I'll end with a funny video clip sent by a teammate earlier this year (I like Jim Rome):

Ok one more Jim Rome rant that you have probably already heard.... amazing:


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