Put a Little Hair on it, Brotha

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

SO.... I'm a little embarrassed about what happened on Thanksgiving with the Lions and Packers so I'm going to immediately skip that and get into what I really want to talk about... AIDS. AIDS is a very bad disease that many think can be prevented by simply using a durex or trojan or nike condom. Unfortunately, a lot of people still contract AIDS and the world feels really bad about it. So bad about it that corporations have functions to raise awareness about AIDS and get people to donate lots of money to try and prevent/cure AIDS. Little did the world know that Coach K of Duke is a HUUUUUUGE advocate of AIDS. He loves AIDS. He loves AIDS so much. I'll be really honest and say I had no problem with Coach K when I first met him in the 8th grade. Sure I thought his deviated nasal septum was annoying to listen to and thought the fake mop of hair on his head wasn't fooling anyone, but I really thought he was an okay dude. I have the most respect in the world for Shane Battier, so I thought there has to be something cool about Coach K to get a guy like Shane to come to Duke. All this was, of course, until I started seeing more Duke games on TV when I came to college in North Carolina and finally realized how much Coach K loves AIDS. I was absolutely flabbergasted. Coach K is known for working the officials really good down here and it was a confusion to most people. I finally understand why Coach K and Duke get all the terrible calls in games....DUH! It's because he threatens them with Magic Johnson. Frick Yeah I'm bitter about the Duke win over Davidson today, but atleast I feel good about our coach's personality and morals. Praise to be Steph Curry.

Let's move on for a second and talk about how awesome-o-amazing I am. Just so you know, I have won my yahoo fantasy college pick' em league and I would like some cookies for that. Spanksew.

In other news, the Red Wings improved to 8 points ahead of the 2nd place team in the Western Conference and have allowed the league to let every single one of their players play in the All Star Game come January. That's awfully noble of Ken Holland. Great gesture to the league.

Speaking of Detroit dominance, the Pistons blew out their opponent AGAIN. Tonight, it was the Milsuckee Buckaroos, beating them by a score of 'I can't count that high' to 'who cares.' The Pistons are for real and so is Santa Claus. I don't care what Tiny Tim says.

The Lions have a pretty big game against the Dykings tomorrow. If Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson quit being so gay together then the Lions will have a chance. The Lions have really not been clicking lately so hopefully they can get their shit together. Praise to be Jon Kitna.

I've been waiting up all night for J Holliday but he hasn't shown up so I'm going to put my freeging self to bed. Laidher



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