I'm Sorry, I Have a Tickle in My Throat

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Excessive coughing precedes this rant....So..... Dupree has the spinal nerve to come out with one post every 284759201194 years and decides that when he does finally come out with a post that he is going to write a short paragraph about how he became a Fudge Packers fan and bla bla bla was a great idea for a post. That's about as precious as John Madden's proposal to Brett Favre (while Brett was looking at a replay on the jumbotron, John wrote out "Will You Marry Me, Brett, you know you know ahh ahh" with his magic yellow marker). Yea, it's definately mushy and sooo love at first sight and let's ignore all the quirks we both have; like Brett's major interception and drug problems or ignoring the fact that John's a grown man who shouldn't eat so much turkey and shouldn't have crushes on NFL quarterbacks. I don't want to hear it anymore. I don't want to hear anything more about the Packers. They are good, but the Lions will put them in their place on John Madden's Favorite Day. Therefore, I am banning Drew from posting about the Packers again, unless they beat the Lions. If they beat the Lions on John Madden's neck looks like a _______ Day then Drew and whomever else wants to write a post about the Packers may feel free to do so.

In addition to this little bet, I have already made a bet with my girlfriend Kaley who is a coughcoughPackers fan cough cough. Sorry, it's the tickle. Anways Kaley, (who is the most beautiful girl I know, but has a portion of her brain that is somehow missing) and I have agreed that when the Lions win on Thankstaking Food Day she will wear my Cory Schlesinger jersey for the remainder of the evening. As a result, she will be shunned from her Packer fan based family dinner and put out onto the streets. The Packey family will then graciously accept her presence. If there happens to be some miracle whip at the game, and the Packers win, I will have to wear her skin tight, Brett Favre jersey for the remainder of the day. Either way, I feel it'll be a win win situation for me though, because if the Lions lose, coughcough it won't happen coughcough, then I can wear a jersey that is way too small for me, show off my muscles, and allow the jersey to naturally rip in many many pieces as soon as I eat a ton for dinner. The jersey will then be ruined, as will Kaley's hopes and dreams for the day. muahahaha Moral of the story: the Packer colors are green and puke; and Brett Favre is going to regret going off of his vicodin pills because he is going to be in a world of hurt on November 22nd.

Let's stay focused here people. The Lions have an even bigger game 4 days before the Thanksgiving Day game; a Disney doooozy vs. Rick Moranis' Little Giants. The Lions schedule is not getting any easier, so they need to make the most of this home game and take advantage of the fact that the Giants are coming off a tough loss to Ed O'Neil's Cowboys. The Lions suffered a few defensive injuries in last week's setback to Arizona, but should be relatively healthy every where else on the field. Jon Kitna will continue to use divine intervention and lead the Martz's offense down the field. I hope he can hold on to the ball a little better this week as a result of his increased Bible sessions during the week. All in all, if we can contain Devon Sawa and Ice Box, we should be in a good position to improve to 5-0 at home.

I don't even want to get into the Davidson/ #1 UNC game right now... I'll save that for never when I learn how to drop a 360 dunk, from the free throw line, with a blind fold on... naked.



Anonymous   says 2:01 AM

do you think madden dies his eyebrows brown? i mean he has to right?

Anonymous   says 4:27 PM

I thought the same thing. Dupree has not touched the blog since the Tigers picked up Matt Stairs off waivers, all of a sudden makes a Hitler like posting.

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