High Five!!!

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Today Oprah lost a little weight, and the Detroit Lions picked up their 5th victory of the season...in week 8! At 5-2, the Lions are well on their way to making good of Jon Kitna's pre-season prediction of 10 wins and a trip to Arizona...during week 10. High five.

Here is another little story that no one else knows about, pertaining to the picture above. Rod Marinelli made a very Notredamus-like prediction during a press conference prior to Super Bowl 40. A news reporter asked him how many wins the Lions would have in the 2007 season after week 8. He raised 5 fingers and exclaimed, "FOUR." Very eery, huh?? High five.

Quips aside, it's exciting to be watching the Lions AB (after Barry) win again. We haven't made the playoffs since 1999 and we still have never won a Super Bowl. Since every other Detroit team has done something exciting in the past 4 years, I think it's about time the Lions do something worthwhile too. I get goosebumps listening to Dan Miller and Jim Brandstatter yelp out in excitement when the Lions win, as opposed to hearing the sounds of razor blades cutting through skin after a Scott Mitchell pass on 4th and goal at the end of the game goes sailing out of the back of the endzone. High five for that.

A-Rod took his first step to signing with the Tigers today. He has decided to opt out of his contract with the Yankees, 96 point 3 repeating, of course, percent sure ending his career with the Yankees. Although A-Rod said he would entertain offers from the Yankees still, Brian Cashman has adamantly said that the Yankees would not pursue A-Rod if he opted out of his current contract. A-Rod says he does not want to stick it out with his current Yankees contract because he says the make-up of the Yankees team has too many question marks that need to turn into $$ marks aka he wants to see how much he can make it rain in the free agent market. This all just means that the Tigers have found their new shortstop for the 2008 World Series run. I have heard Dave Dombrowski will work his 50 (million) cent magic stick with Scott Boras and get A-Rod to sign with the Tags. I'm still not exactly sure how I feel about A-Rod being in a Tigers uniform since I have made SO MUCH fun of him in the past. I guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow, after he signs with us to find out how I feel. I'll sleep on it... in my peejays! High five.

The Red Wings have started the season red hot smokin' sweet. Zetterberg gets about 4 points a game and radio play-by-play guy, Ken Kal, has yet to crack his voice when shrieking HE SCORES!!! I'm not going to get too excited about their start though, because they have been the best team in the NHL the past few seasons and have choked in the playoffs. Either way, they have made a note-worthy start to the season. High five.

Speaking of Tampax, the Bawstawn Red Sox won the world series tonight, sweeping the Rockies 4 games to none. Middle finger.



A-Rod didn't sign with the Tigers today. We traded for Edgar Renteria instead. Man, I was way off.


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