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Posted by Dupree

I apologize for taking such a long time in getting my first post out there but I hope that my first showing isn't as poor as Yorman Bazardo's first appearance wearing the old english D since coming up from triple-A Toledo. Anyways I'll skip my intro since Pacman has already done so,(by the way those boobs aren't real) and get right into my frustrations. So I come home today eagerly anticipating an afternoon of pop tarts and Tigers baseball just like the good old days of middle school when my only worries were the zits on my face and onion smell seeping from my armpits (both of which aren't an issue anymore but thanks for your concern). I watched the first 4 innings and was quite giddy realizing that the Tags could possibly inch a game closer in the A.L. Central and wild card races with the Indians, Yankees, and Mariners all losing. We put up 2 in the 1st and tacked on a meager 5 more runs in the 5th to take the score to 7-0. At this point I was exhaling and starting to chalk one up in the win column...(Rod would later have to tell me to pull the eraser out which happens to be 2 drinks in the Rod Allen drinking game).

It all started to go downhill when I mentally jinxed Nasty Nate by thinking to myself how neat it would be if he pitched a perfect game or even pulled a Justin Verlander or Clay Buchholz and threw a no-no. Low and behold one pitch after my assanine thoughts, laidher to either one of those. After Nate battled through a tough 5th and 6th he handed the ball over to the bullpen with a comfortable (or so I thought) 7-2 lead. I'm guessing that Fernando Rodney thought Robertson was gonna go the distance and decided to light up a post game jibber a little early cuz he came out of the pen with eyes more red than those gigantic ones in the clear eyes commercial(pictured above in the bullpen before warming up). He sure as hell pitched like it too allowing the A's to crawl back into the game before Timmy ByrdaKKKKK came in and sent Panama Red Rodney into the dugout where he ate sunflower seeds (some might call that a case of the munchies). Two innings later T.J. came in to close it out and instead decided to ruin my fantasy ERA for the day allowing Kurt Suzuki to ya ya and tie the game who by the way needs to stop grinning after he hits a home run. Quit grinnin dang. (cJ.A.S.). Anyways Jones came very close to losin the game right there in the 9th but decided to let a youngster take the heat and blow it in the 10th. I mean I'm all for giving young guys a shot but allowing Yorman Bazardo to pitch the 10th inning of a game that the Tigers desperately needed seems a lil silly to me. I would've been more comfortable with Jason Grilli in the game. Well not really but you know what I mean. But Bazardo comes in and before I can even read the name on the back of his jersey, the games over. Tigers lose 8-7 and blow a golden opportunity to gain a game in the standings.

In other news, I made one of the best fantasy draft picks evvvver tonight by stealing Michael Vick in the 15th round of my yahoo draft. No one expected it but i guarantee he's gonna have a great year (new rule states 100 pts for the team with highest total # of days in jail...I've got that locked up). Chris Henry and Pacman Jones were taken later in the final round. I'll let ya know how it works out for me.

Go Spartans (who don't lose to I-AA teams)



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