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Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Just when sports analysts were starting to count the Tigers out, the Detroit Tigers decided to start trying again. With Drew Carey's team in town for a pivotal happy life or I'll slit my wrists series, Jair Jurrjens took the bump for only his 2nd career start (His 1st being @ Cleveland 5 days ago). Jurrjens may only be 21 years old, but last I checked 21 is the legal drinking age. J.J. funneled three beers before the game and threw amazing. The Tigers won 2-1 thanks to Jurrjens and company's combo 1 hitter, Mags and Guillen's back-to-back bombs, and a firm positive attitude. By the way,Jurrjens had a no no for 5 1/3 innings before letting Jhonny (terrible way to spell Johnny) Peralta hit a solo home run.

As if all that isn't really cool news enough, Joel Zumaya returned from the DL tonight. After Jurrjens walked Travis Hafner with 2 outs in the 7th inning, Leyland summoned the flame thrower to get out Ryan Garko to end the inning. The appearance was much anticipated as Zumaya came out to a standing ovation while confetti and the sweet soothing sounds of Jimi Hendrix surrounded the stadium. The stadium had a 1 minute 16 second dance party welcoming him back. Zumaya noticed how pumped the fans were when he started warming up. "They were frickin up when I first started to warm up," Zumaya said. He carried that momentum into the game. His first pitch was clocked at 98 mph fastball right down the Pujol for strike one. After just a few more pitches (one that touched 99), Garko grounded out to 2nd base. Although it wasn't exactly what Zumaya wanted (a strikeout on a 115 mph changeup), he didnt't seem to mind because he was all jacked up on Red Bull and gave his signature fist pump after Casey caught the ball from Polanco. His return is a very good sign for the Tigers because now he can put the bullpen on his back, taking tons of pressure off of the weaker, less than adequate pitchers (cough cough Grilli's face looks like a dotus cough cough). All in all, the Tigers pulled within a half game of 1st place in the Central and I was able to eat my Papa John's pizza with glee.
Touching on some recent news, Cameron "Metal Mouth" Maybin was called up from AA Erie at the beginning of the Yankees series. Craig Monroe was designated for assignment. I wasn't certain whether to be really excited for Maybin or really sad for Monroe. Craig was such a vital part of our team last year it's definately depressing to see him suck so much now. I would have hated to be in the room when he had to tell his mommy. However, his suckiness is very good news for Maybin who is definately the future of the Tags OF if not the future of the MLB. Although he does have braces, it is important to note that Gary Sheffield had braces when he first broke into the league. Look at him now...he has amazing teeth. No worries there. Also, I am proud to say that I did accurately predict Maybin's first career home run when he hit it off of Roger Clemens. Two of my brothers, my dad, and I were watching the game on Fox in a bar on Martha's Vineyard. My dad was being heckled by my mother to leave and walk around the island. I said, and I quote myself, "Ok we can leave after Maybin hits a home run right here." 2 pitches later he hits a monster bomb over the 408 sign at Yankee Stadium. Afterwards, we walked to some store. It was lovely.

Verlander throws tomorrow vs. the crafty Byrd man. Zumaya will probably pitch again in relief if the game is semi close. I'm amped.

Murder, She Wrote is on the Hallmark channel. Laidher



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