Time to Nut Up

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

The Tigers squandered an opportunity to take a respectable 3 game lead over the Indians by losing on the eve of Chip Stevenson's 21st when Cleveland was idle, and following that up with a 2 game split with Cleveland. So now the Tigers and Indians are kissing their sisters and tied for first. The Tags now head into what will be a difficult four game series with the Yankmees in New York while the Indians face the solid AAA Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

The Tigers will try to ignore Alex Rodriguez's murse in these next four games and focus on picking up atleast 3 wins. E-Rod may have not officially came out of the closet, but apparently I'm not the only one who thinks he has a Pride bumpersticker and bag of dildos in his trunk. When the Yankees honored him for his 500th home run the other night the two portraits and sculpture presented to him were painted with the colors of the rainbow. Hands on your hips everyone. Interesting.

Some other notable information of late is that Polanco, Pudge, and Monroe all missed tonight's game because of the flu. Rumor has it that they in fact do not have a full blown out case of the flu but that Monroe's K's were starting to give everyone a minor cold (specifically Pudge, Polanco and himself). Also, Kevin Costner has been sleeping with their entire families. Jim Leyland scratched them from the lineup as merely a precautionary measure. I fully expect them to return tomorrow, although I hear Kevin Costner is taking the bump in game 1 because we need a perfect game.

Speaking of perfect games, Placido Polanco broke the major league record for conesecutive games played without making an error. After the game Monday, Polly has failed to make an error in 144 straight games. Congratulations to him. I'm proud to say that I was at the game when he broke the record and I will definately share the great story with my grandchildren so they can one day tell their own grandchildren and so on. Screw Barry Bonds.

Fox Sports online has recently written an article proclaiming the winners to end of the season awards. For AL MVP...drum roll....they say that GayRod is the winner, HANDS DOWN. Exsqueeze me? A Baking Powder??? Magglio Ordonez is for sure the AL MVP right now, hands up in the air for celebration and unanimity. Ya, Ya, Blah, Blah, Rodriguez was en fuego during the first half of the year, blah blah with numbers that definately made him a first half AL MVP blah blah- despite his flamboyance and teams blah blah .500 record. But listen...As shown, his stud numbers were not helping his team. Lately, the Yankees have been unbeatable; improving to a point where they now share a lead in the Wild Card standings. HOWEVER, A-Rod has only been hitting .259 with 9 homers since that turn around. Isn't an MVP supposed to be the leader and Most VALUABLE Player to his team?? Now let's look at Magglio. His first half was as equally impressive to A-Rods minus the bombs, but Magg's team was in first place. His numbers in the 2nd half have declined too, but not nearly as much. He is still hitting .339 since the break; oh and he leads the Major Leagues in Batting Average if that counts for anything. So I would just like to go on record and say that Fox Sports is wrong and my blog is superior to all that say Magglio does not deserve the AL MVP, if not the MVP of the universe. P.S. Don't forget about Magglio Ordonez 'hat with hair' day for the first 15,000 fans at Comerica Park. Should rank right up with there with Christmas.

In other news, I only recognize about 7 names on the Detroit Lions roster. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it doesn't matter when you're undefeated.

I was beefing about something earlier and I can't remember it now....Oh well. Maybe Laidher.



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