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Posted by Chip Stevenson

today is my last day of work which also means that it is my last opportunity to get paid to blog. i made about 20 bucks for yesterday's blog and i should make about 10 for this one considering it will be a little shorter. i wonder if this violates some NCAA rule and i'll get kicked out of the Texas Longhorn's starting rotation... don't tell on me cuz i've really been working hard and think this upcoming year is going to be very very good to me

thank superman, the tigers did not acquire jack wilson. superman is really generous and i think i might pray to him more often... maybe for that ninja turtles big wheel i never got as a kid.

tagers lost again last night making them 3-7 on the recent road trip. i actually stayed up and watched the whole game saying to myself, "what the hay? it's my last day of work tomorrow." really good decision on my part. the game ended at about 1 a.m. and i stayed up until about 3 tossing and turning from nightmares about big mac mcbride and grilli pitching in the playoffs. waking up at 6:30 for work makes me feel really good inside. cripes, the schedule is brutal but hopefully things will turn around when we come home after today's game. things need to get right so my 21st birthday on August 14th isnt completely destroyed by another devastating loss to the Indians.

let me take a little time to address some recent concerns from tiger fans.

Concern #1: The tigers starters aren't going deep enough into games and thats why we are struggling.

Response: the tigers starters average innings per game in 2006: 6. the tigers starters average innings per game in 2007: 6.

Concern #2: The bullpen is blowing all these games and we were so much better last year.

Response: Number of regular season Tiger victories in 2006: 95. Projected number of wins for the Tigers in 2007: 93. aint too big of a difference now is it? if rodney and zumaya come back strong, im sure we'll be able to push that number up to 95 just like last year and we all know how last year ended up: first world series victory since 1984.

some concerns of my own: 1.) magglio is slowing down a bit which was probably to be expected. hitting .900 is hard to sustain especially when neifi isnt in the lineup to provide some protection. what's really worrying me more than his drop in batting average is his lack of power recently. he did hit a home run in anaheim but it looks like the vast majority of his balls in play are now pounded into the ground mostly to the shortstop. he was hitting to the opposite field so much at the beginning of the year and now that pitchers are pounding him inside, he seems to be jamming himself. 2.) sheffield's shoulder looks like it might be a significant isSUE, god bless you. he has also lacked any sense of power recently. in last night's game, sheffield and magglio came up with runners in scoring position twice and didnt hit anything hard. not nearly as intimidating as they were early on. who woulda thunk that ne!f! would have this big of an effect on the lineup? 3.) guillen's nagging injuries are starting to pile up. never as good of a fielder as i was, he has still been pretty solid in the field when he is healthy. now though, his knees have been biting him like marv albert and it has really shown in his play... maybe cj karchon could step in for a few games and give guillen a rest.

anyone else think that it's kinda creepy that leyland likes to use the word "tickle" all the time? as in, "kenny rogers coming back from surgery and pitching great in his first start was really nice to see. I was really tickled by it," or, "Grilli and Kraig Monroe keep on rubbing a feather along my feet when i call them into my office to tell them they're cut. I'm really tickled by it".

Lastly, it worked yesterday so let me try it again today-

superman, please please please call tanya harding to put a billy club to gagne's elbow, big papi's knee, and papelbon's pride. I promise i will start going to church if you make this happen.



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