We Want Some Kool-Aid but We Ain't Got No Pitcher!

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

I apologize ahead of time for my negative attitude and inaccurate, hurried portrayal of the Tigers bullpen here, but tonight's DISMAL bullpen outing should give more than enough reason to the Tigers organization that some moves NEED to be made. Yes, the Tigers bullpen has been very solid of late, thanks in large part to Jim Leyland's creativity. However, it has been far from stellar all year long. Obviously, with the loss of Jamie the Cat, injury to Zumaya, and injury/struggles to Rodney, the bullpen has been left depleted and flat. Let's get real. Zach Miner is a starter turned reliever, Chad Durbin the same. Bobby Seay, our best reliever to this point, is unreliable considering the past two years he has not thrown over 15 games and had an ERA averaged to be about 7.5. I don't think anyone will agree with Todd Jones being at the bottom of the above chart, but I trust him when he comes into a game with the lead. Either way, what the Tigers need is another proven name that can come in before him; better yet come in when the Tigers have a 7-1 lead and hold on to it.

Okay, now I'm going to get real here. The Tigers are in 1st place, not last, so it's not that bad. I'm just being a nervous nelly here. If the Tigers want to contend for the pennant and World Series they are going to need another guy in the bullpen that can get the job done. I don't see anything wrong with going out and getting a guy like Gagne, Octavio Dotel, Otsuka or whoever else is available just as long as it doesn't take Maybin or any of our current starters to get them. Standing pat and claiming that the Macay McBride deal met their bullpen needs will not go over well with the Tigers faithful. Tonight's game should be an annoying ring tone wake up call at 5:30 in the morning. I know it's only one game and the Indians lost tonight too, but still. These type of losses can not happen, especially come playoff time. I just want to get my opinion out there.

On a higher, more positive attitude note, Mike Hessman hit his 1st MLB bomb since 2003 tonight. I knew he was going to hit one, I called it. He'd probably hit 500 in his career if he plays another 15 years and gets 600 ABs/year. It's too bad he's already almost 30 and has spent the past 12 years in the minor leagues living off food stamps. I bet he enjoys listening to Eminem CDs.
Here's a little fantasy rankings comparison for you taken straight from MLB.com:
Justin Morneau: 1237
Prince Fielder: 1183
Ryan Howard: 1104
Albert Pujols: 1049
Mike Hessman: 19
(This feature tracks each player's fantasy value using the following formulas:
Hitters:(R x 5) + (H x 4) + (HR x 15) + (RBI x 5) + (SB x 15) - AB
Pitchers: (W x 30) + (SV x 25) + (IP x 5) + (SO x 4) - (H x 3) - (ER x 4) - (BB x 3) These formulas were designed to approximate a player's relative fantasy value compared to all other players, for the current Major League season. There will always be five players listed. The top four hitters or pitchers, as well as the player you are currently viewing.)

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the Colorado Rockies' minor league 1B coach, Mike Coolbaugh, who died after being struck by a foul ball during a game. The baseball world mourns this terrible tragedy.

The gambler takes the ball to the bump tomorrow night with hopes to end the Tigers and his personal 2 game slide.

Go Cats


Anonymous   says 8:50 AM

grilli belongs at the top of that picture

grilli didn't blow the lead last night. He came significantly close but he did not blow it. He got the win.

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