Tiger's Favorite Expression: Tata For Now

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

It's safe to say the Tiggers have been really Winnie the Pooh lately. Our bullpen pitchers continue to get the scouts who brought them into the pros fired and continue to give up hundreds of runs. In addition to the bullpen woes, it appears a virulent disease has been passed through the starting rotation as well. The Tiges have given up double digit run totals in 4 of the past 5 games, including Jeremy Bonderman's pitiful 11 earned runs in 3.1 innings last night. A game that was on national television might I remind you. As if the losses and Andrew Mellen's recent break from watching Tiger baseball (because of the disappointing losses) hasn't been painful enough, Kenny Rogers was just placed on the DL today because of inflammation in his pitching elbow. In desperate need for a quick fix, who better to face than the miserable Oakland UnAthletic's offense. I know, right? Enter Tata for now or better known to most as TTFN. Jordan Tata, making his season debut tonight, went 7 strong innings, allowing just 2 weak runs. He will carry the load for injured Kenny Rogers until his return. I wouldn't get too excited about this win because it WAS against the A's but it is nice to see a well pitched game for once. The past 4 games felt like an eternity. Anyways, Curtis Granderson continued his gentlemanly ways by picking up 3 hits and Polly The Human Urinator continued his dominance of the A's by clobbering (Rod's word) 3 hits of his own. Polanco entered the game with a meager career avg. of .493 vs. the A's. WOW. Todd Jones picked up his 28th save of the season in the 9th inning.

With the trade deadline looming, the Tigers have been mentioned in a few rumors. Mostly, I have heard the Tigers in the Mark Loretta and Jack Wilson rumors. That confuses me. It's clear the bullpen kind of sucks right now. Yes, it will be better when Zumaya and Rodney return, and if they return to form. However, right now, we don't know when/if Zumaya will return and we won't know if Rodney will be 2006 Rodney until the deadline has passed. So why not go out and grab a guy that can help out? Hell, we can make the claim that he is filling in for 2006 Jamie Walker. If Zumaya returns amazing and 2006 Rodney returns, then the move might seem worthless but if they don't then it will be genius. Trading for Jack Wilson or Mark Loretta only instills greater fear into the hearts of fans. 1) Our bullpen is suspect and it's pretty obvious, but we did nothing to rectify the situation. Do we care? 2) Why are we getting replacements for Guillen and/or Polanco? Are they hurt or planning on getting hurt? AHHHHHH PLEASE DONT GET HURT. I guess it's okay if Neifi is gone.

See what I mean? Just do the right thing, Dave. And I trust DD will. Designated Drivers are always safe and reliable. Either way, I like being the underdog, and right now the Tigers kind of are, even though they are in first in the division by a game. They definately will be underdogs in the long run if the bullpen remains as is now. Nevertheless, I think all this adversity will just make for a much better, cooler effects, World Series DVD. I'll bet all my Barry Bonds in the bank on that.

Speaking of Barry Bonds....I hope he gets the record on the road, so I can see what kind of whacky reaction he receives from the disapproving fans. Whether it's in Global Deejay's San Francisco or on the road, I think Bud Selig will charge the field and run up to him like the fans in Atlanta did to Hank Aaron. My guess though is that Bud Selig won't give him a pat on the back acne. He would most likely be in the nude, carrying a Hank Aaron signed bat and Nancy Kerrigan his ass. That's just my prediction though.

Verlander vs. Haren tomorrow night. Should be a doooooozy.



Chip Stevenson   says 9:15 AM

who says jack wilson can't be the bullpen pitcher we are all looking for? sheesh!

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