My Own Deadline Deal

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Gentleman, ladies and zombies; I would love to announce that I have made a little trade deadline deal of my own today. I have decided to add my long time hetero-friend, Chip Stevenson on as an author of this blog in exchange for Kevin Garnett, straight up. Throughout the endless years of our friendship, Chip has provided me with his sheer wisdom, more than giggle worthy humor, and breath taking french kisses. umm. Chip is a rising senior at Tufts University where he majors in being awesome. He aspires to attend law school at Emory University, all while still continuing to be a loyal Detroit sports fan and friend. He may or may not lose his allegiance to his favorite show the Telletubbies. That is still up in the air. Either way, Chip will write as often as he pleases about issues concerning the Tigers, other Detroit sports or what color his poop was earlier in the afternoon. He can write whatever he wants because he's a funny freaking freak of nature genius.

He may blow my posts out of the water & you'll most likely want to blow him, I present to you :


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