Mr. Clean Sweep!

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

The Tigers ate their twinkies today and followed that by sweeping up the empty wrappers. They also won three games vs. Minnesota. Brandon Inge's RBI double in the top of the 10th vs. former abercrombie and fitch model, Joe Nathan, gave the Tigers a more than comfortable one run lead that Todd Jones would later save. Jones' save was the 289th of his career, leaving him 11 shy of the gory movie 300. This is the Tags 2nd sweep in their last 3 series. They now hold a 2 game lead over the tax-free men of Cleveland. Some highlights of the series were Thames' late inning diving grab (minus the pulled hammy), Leyland's management of the bullpen, Magglio squeezing a can of whoop ass on Johan Santana's face, and of course Todd Jones for his 3 consecutive saves. If I am missing something special that happened during this series, aside from the 3 wins, then please leave your comments.

The Tigers have a tough series with Royalty this weekend. It should be interesting to watch, as always. I just wish we could have Kyle Farnsworth back, only to watch him spear innocent KC players while wearing way too tight of pants.

In other sporting news, the Detroit Lions have been busy preparing for the upcoming season. Instead of practicing, many players have been going on local radio shows and what not, guaranteeing a double digit win season. I think the only guarantee we should be making is that we'll show up; and if you add our win total together from the past 3 seasons it equals just somewhere a shade over 10. Jokes aside, I am feeling really confident about their season. I really think they will make the playoffs. I feel it in my loins. Also, they just signed their 4th round draft pick Manny Ramirez. If he can build off his 1st half and hit a little more bombs over the green monster he should be good....oops, wrong Manny.

As for the Pistons, they are feeling pretty good about Rodney Stuckey being Mr. Big Shot's backup next season. I think Stuckey needs a catchy nickname........ok that was bad.

I'll admit, this post was unthoughtfully provoked. I will finish with a funny story though. The Closer for my summer baseball team got drunk today on the bus ride TO THE GAME. That's right. He got drunk on the way to the game in the back of the bus by drinking half a fifth in less than an hour. The liquor was supposed to be for the ride back, however he decided to get a head start. Luckily, the bullpen was out of sight from the dugout so he just situated himself on the ground, with his shoes off, for the entire first game. In the 2nd game we ran out of pitchers, after yours truly got out of a 6th inning jam; and we needed him to close it out. Everyone knew he was wasted so when he went in there were sighs of, 'oh shit.' Our third baseman was taking grounders and realized who was pitching when he handed the ball to him after the throw down. He let out a really loud "Oh no!" Despite our closer's BAC, he pitched a scoreless 7th and won the hearts of many young Copperhead fans. Needless to say, the moral of this story is to drink and drive.

take care now, bye bye then


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