Verlander throws No-No; 15,446 Rod Allen drinking gamers have alcohol poisoning

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

WOW. That is basically all I have to say in regards to the amazing feat I witnessed tonight; June 12, 2007...a day and 3 hours before my 22nd birthday. A wonderful early birthday present, for sure. Justin Verlander threw only the 6th no-hitter in Tigers history, 1st in Comerica Park history, and 1st Tigers no-no in my lifetime. During the course of the game, I knew something special was going to happen. I was updating my brothers, who were unable to watch the game live, from the get go and marveling about how nasty Verlander was looking early on. By the fourth inning, I was making my updates in code, as I did not want to jinx anything. When Magglio made his sliding grab and Neifi Perez won back the hearts of all of Detroit with his nifty sliding snag and double play, I knew deep down that it was going to happen. Mario did a good job of not jinxing it too, although he did start to lose his focus at the end by obsessively mentioning that the only Brewer runners allowed were from Verlander walks; clearly hinting at the fact. In addition, my brother in law, who resides in Milwaukee, sent me a text in the 9th stating, "Verlander is 3 outs from a no-no." I damned him to hell for making a bush league statement, but he was forgiven as Verlander recorded the final out in the 9th. At that point, I jumped up and down and held a 35 minute dance party by myself. Afterwards, I emailed my college coach, who coached Verlander on team USA. My coach has made several degrading claims about Verlander, so my email simply asked how he felt at this point and time.

I have so much more to say about the no no but I'm too drunk to taste this chicken. Somewhere, Sean Ahmed is getting laid.

I also wanted to mention that Justin Verlander was not the only Tiger representative on his "A" game tonight. HOT Rod Allen was hitting on all cylinders...with his sayings. If anyone was actually playing the Rod Allen drinking game tonight, they are probably lying in a ditch or a hospital bed getting their stomach pumped right now because everything in that game was said multiple times tonight by Rod. I recall noticing by the 4TH INNING that he had made several of his famous statements already. I pray for those who participated in his drinking game tonight.

Verlander's gf will probably hook up with him tonight.

Also, the Indians lost so the Tigers are once again in a 1st place tie. YES



I want to add that I continue to watch highlights of Verlander's no no and I keep getting goose bumps, not the one's by R.L. Stine. The same type of goose bumps I get everytime I watch Magglio's walk off home run. No way do the two compare but there's something about witnessing your team do something you've never seen done before in your life. Ok.

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