Grilli and I Bury the Hatchet; Tigers Sweep

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

I followed the Detroit Tigers to Atlanta this past weekend to see an easy 3 game sweep. Unfortunately, I was not in attendance for the Gambler's return for I was eating dinner with the girlfriend's Aunt and Uncle. Call me what you want. Anyways, I was at the meaningful games 2 and 3. In Game 2, Verlander threw really shitty compared to his no hitter. He only had 11 strikeouts and gave up a friggin run to a Braves team who have only scored 1 run in their last 5 games. The Tigers pulled off the win, 2-1. In Game 3's ESPN SUNDAY NIGHT baseball showdown, I had 2nd row seats in left field very close to the Tigers bullpen. Seats almost identical to the one's I had a year ago on my 21st birthday at Comerica Park.

Here comes the story.... On my 21st birthday, I yelled Jason Grilli's name. Because he is the only Major League Player with rabbit ears not used to fans yelling his name, he turns around immediately. I'm caught off guard for a moment but then proceed to tell him to come over to me. Sure enough he does. When he gets close to me he gives me a 5 year old look like, "What do you need, Mommy?" I slur to him that it is my 21st birthday. I show him my license for proof. He takes my license and looks at it long and hard. He agrees that it's my birthday and hands it back to me. I look at him weird like he's Will Turner, shaving in the 3rd grade, and suggest that because it's my birthday he should be giving me a ball. He denies me a ball, claiming that I'm a big boy and if he gave me a ball he'd have to give everyone in the stadium a ball.

Fast forward now to Sunday night....I am obviously still holding a grudge so I decide to yell "Grilli" about once every 5 minutes during the course of the game ("Grilli! Fight me!" is also chanted occasionally). Sure enough, after the first yell, he looks over at me. I'm caught off guard again so I play stupid and wave all excited like a school girl who just saw Brad Pitt walking down the street with his fly open. He waves and asks if my girlfriend's t-shirt has his name on the back. I giggle "Nice joke, Jason," and let him know that they don't sell t-shirts with his name on the back. He returns his focus to the game. I keep yelling his name throughout the course of the game. Also, I frequently tell him him to warm up because we need him (We didn't need him). He looks over again and told me to calm down a little bit. I breathe easy for an inning or so and go get myself 2 hot dogs. When I get back, I find out that the son of a bitch allegedly winked at my girlfriend. I throw my hot dog at the weakest person I could find near me; the innocent ball boy sporting the John Olerud helmet down the 3rd base line. I began yelling Grilli's name tirelessly and demanded his respect. Finally, he looks over and laughs (at my jokes, not my pathetic-ness) and tells me to meet him after the game. Once the game ended, Tigers win 5-0, we walk over to the railing where he searches hard for a ball and tosses it to me. I made the tough bare handed catch and the rest is history. The hatchet has been buried.
Here is a picture for proof: I look retarded.

I am now an official Fan, #1 of 1, of the Jason Grilli fan club.....This is my official roster photo for the club. Yay


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