EXTRA! EXTRA! Kenny Rogers Makes Solid Rehab Start and is Still OLD BALLS! READ ALL ABOUT IT

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Although his mechanics look like Dennis Quaid's in "The Rookie" and he's throwing to kids who could be his grandchildren, 42 year-old Kenny Rogers continued to dominate on the bump Sunday while starting for the AAA Toledo Mud Hens. Kenny Rogers threw 3 2/3 scoreless innings on 51 pitches to begin his rehab stint that will eventually land him back in the Tigers starting 5 sometime before July. "I was comfortable, which was the first thing I want to get out there when I'm out on the mound," he said. "From the get-go I felt like I knew where the ball was going, and I had an ability to change speeds a little bit. For me that's a plus, especially not being on the mound for two months." Despite not being on the bump for over 2 months, Kenny showed signs that he had never left. He pitched the final 2/3 innings with a pipe in his mouth while donning a bath robe. He makes the pepperidge farm guy look like a poor man's Jacob Leemaster. I don't know what that means.....Either way, Kenny is so old and wise.

While we are talking about all time greatest come backs, I want to briefly mention that I have an ERA of 0.00 in summer ball right now. That's right, through 1 2/3 innings (through 7 games) I have not given up a run. Alert the presses. I might as well boast about it now while it lasts.

Back to Kenny... A lot of talk has been circulating regarding the Tigers rotation once Rogers returns. In fact, I have heard devastating rumors that my idol Mike Maroth will be traded as soon as next week because Chad Durbin has been doing so well. First of all, what are we possibly able to get for a debatable 5th starting pitcher with a 5+ ERA?? Not to mention, he pitches at Comerica Park. Rumor has it that he will be headed to Texas where his ERA is bound to inflate to an even 10. Don't get me wrong, I'd trade the world to spend one night alone with Mike Maroth....err

Do you think Andrew Miller should remain in the bigs or go back to AA or AAA and start an entire season? I like the idea of him taking his bumps in the bigs like Bondo and Maroth did in 2003, but let's remember that was also 2003. We are in contention now and cannot afford a young guy to be taking his bumps at the cost of precious W's. Obviously, if he has no bumps to face and is just lights out like a young Beckett then the move is genius. I think it could go either way, but come playoff time will he be in the starting rotation??? We already have Verlander, Bonderman, Rogers. I guess it all depends on how Robertson bounces back, if he does.

Leave your thoughts.


Seege   says 7:47 AM

Blah Blah blah blabladittyda Jacob Leemaster blah blah boo blah.....great article, seriously.

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