Retrial: I'll be a Witness

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

I know I have posted a picture of a Piston player with the witness caption already this season, but this is a different player and a different time. It's Eastern Conference Playoff time and obviously, we will all be witnesses. The Pistons start their best of 7, but will only be a 5 game, series vs. the Drew Carey Lebron's Monday at 8 pm, CPT. Tip will probably be 8:02, guaransheed. Anyways, the Pistons will be trying to contain a Lebron James who still claims the King's seat even though he has no throne. He might be 23 some years old, still fully capable of another growth spurt, but I don't think any Detroit fans should have any concerns. Carlos D said we will delfino-ately win, since Rasheed was not available for comment; and Flip Saunders is working up a new scheme that will get us 144 points per game. Personally, I think game 2 will be the highest scoring game in the series. Mark Coury my words. Also, the artist still known as Prince claims he will be playing his new single. Meaning, he will have over 10 points every game of the series. I look forward to a solid series, all around.

In other news, I'm tired of drunks who keep thinking they are hot shots. As soon as a beer touches the lips it might taste good. That does not mean that as soon as the alcohol content enters your blood stream it makes you Jesse from Full House all of a sudden. You are not the King of the World or Leonardo Dicapprio. You are still the same old, boring, lame ass person. So, PLEASE... Stop trying to be somthing you are not when you drink a beer. I don't want to hear that you drank 15 beers and are still capable of driving or better yet, hear you cuss out someone inferior to you. Get over all the sluts you hate and just get better.... Spanks.

(vs. The Citadel)


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