Cliche Title #4848383: Miller Time: Andrew Miller

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Andrew Miller, 21 year old, will be 22 on Monday, left handed phenom from North Carolina, started for the Tiggers on Friday night against the 2006 world series thieves. It was Andrew's first start for the Tigers big club since being drafted, although he had minimal experience last season since it was a part of his contract. (I can call him by his first name because I saw him throw a bullpen LIVE at UNC when we played them last year, right?) Anyways, he threw 6 shutout innings before the bullpen tried to sabotage him. Luckily, the Tigers brought out that good wood baby and scored 14 runs against a reeling Cardinals team. Although they may still be reeling from Hancock's drinking and driving death, I still think the Tigers are just a better team and that last fall the Tigers choked with their PFP's. Neifi said. (equivalent to "Nuff said") Either way, they are back this year and looking to pound it in anyone's ass who gets in their way. Andrew Miller's start was a firm reminder.

Andrew Miller will probably only make one other start, before Bonderman takes back his spot in the rotation. Andrew will then return to AA where he will continue to develop as a solid pitcher. I bet he gets laid too. I digress..... or do i?



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