Angus is the Beef of the Day

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

kales0245: so today is supposedly "hump day." dont you think thats kind of weird?? i mean yea i get it, a camal hump...the middle of the week...whatever...but that just sounds kinda sexual doesnt it? "hump" ur supposed to go out and hump things or something.....idk...i just think its weird....what happened to just calling it good ole fashioned wednesday....hmmm...something to think about

Aside from noting her overuse of the dot dot dot, I'd also like to add that on most Wednesday's my back hurts like I am getting a hump in it. So there's something to think about.

Here's some more beef I have today.... Camel's Back Day:
1. To the person who keeps taking the Parmasean Cheese from the condiments island in the cafeteria....FRIGGING STOP IT. If I have to roam the cafeteria looking for it one more time while my Chicken Parm or Spaghetti gets cold I will eat your face. It belongs on the island. Take your fat asses to the island and pour whatever you need on your fat ass cookies or whatever fat people eat and leave it there so other people can use it. Contrary to what you probably think, you are not the only one who uses it.
2. Tiger haters, after one game. Tigers will be okay.
3. Poorly made video games. Make the first one as good as it possibly can. Don't promise the next one is meant to be the bomb diggity and just release the first one to act as some sort of preview. It's a waste of money, our time, and it's a damn shame.
4. Jelly. I don't even like Jelly. But somehow jelly miracuously appeared in my ham and cheese hot pocket.

Tigers game vs. AGay Burnett(e) starts in 13 minutes.


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