Hopefully, Tigers will Punch Out Aj and White Sox; Literally and Metaphorically

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

Tigers have travelled across the country twice in the past week and now find themselves in the Not Actually that Windy City for a TWO game series with the Chicago White Sox. After losing 2 of 3 to them at the CoPa just a week ago, picking up these two games would absolutely be WWF wrestler-type huge. Barring forecasted rain, tonight's game will be shown on ESPN, the first time the Tigers have been on the national stage since Game 5 of the World Series. No longer "Not that Bad," but actually, "Very Bad" Chad Durbin will toe the rubber for the Tigers against John Danks. I know some Tiger fans are hoping that the game is rained out so we do not have to witness Chad Durbin embarass himself and, more importantly, the Tigers on national television, but can't we be optimistic and say he's due for a decent outting? I certainly hope so, for hope and dreams are the roots of our recent Tiger successes. Sappy speech aside, it will be fun to watch the team on something other than my 12 inch computer screen again while cracking open a few dated, lukewarm Bush Lights and munching on Goldfish baked snack crackers. Also, seeing as this is our first nationally televised game of the year, I hope Leyland stops at Durbin and pens in all the other regulars. Meaning, if I see Neifi Perez in the lineup tonight I might gag. I think Neifi sounds more like a gang member's nickname than a baseball player. I digress. It would also be nice to see Sheff, Casey, C-Mo, and Inge all go a combined 20-20 tonight and raise their sub-200 batting averages (All averages still better than Neifi's).

In other Detroit sports news, the Pistons travel to Orlando to play 50 cent's Magic stick. Not only are we up 2-0 in the series, but I am pretty confident because Magic forward Grant Hill has never played for a winning playoff team. Despite the restraining order placed on me, I still have the upmost respect for Grant Hill as a person. Let's get serious though. He left Detroit because he couldn't bare the pressure of being the superstar, and once again, he is showing that he hates being good and leading a team to a playoff series victory. My Grant Hill memorabilia remains on my top shelf in my bedroom in Michigan, but it's value has gone down significantly in the past 10 years and will continue to do so as Grant Hill continues to try and lose playoff series successfully.
I stayed up the other night and watched the Red Wings finish off the Calgary Ice Cubes in two overtimes. Johan Franzen scored the winning goal. And that name is normal for the NHL. The Wings will begin the conference semi-finals tomorrow night at home vs. the San Jose Jaguar Sharks. Funny story...San Jose Coach, Steve Zissou, hopes that his Uncle Johnny will refrain from wearing Red Wings gear during the series because Johnny is a huge Red Wings fan. "He'll try to wear all of that Red Wings crap," said Zissou. "He can't if he wants to hang out with us. He can wear Sharks stuff for two weeks. They're not going to kick him out of the fraternity or whatever." I disagree. If Uncle Johnny is caught wearing Sharks gear, he is out. No questions asked.

On a more serious note, I would like to dedicate this next section to Brian Bluhm and all the others who unfortunately lost their lives in last week's terrible Virginia Tech shootings. Thanks to a best friend of mine, Jared Smith, I was able to meet Brian Bluhm through Tigers cyber-space on motownsports.com. Since my buddy told me about the website, I have religiously read posts made on there, including the 19.2 Brian made a day under the pseudonym estrepe1. Brian was a die-hard Tigers fan and his death, along with the others lost in this awful tragedy, has greatly affected all those in the Tigers fan base.

To all those who perished, their families, their friends, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray to God, something like this never happens again.



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