Apologies to Mr. Sir Chad Durbin

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

I owe Chad Durbin a huge apology. Tonight, he struck out nine through eight scoreless innings and led the Tigers to a very big 6-2 victory over the Chicago White Sox. Before the game started, I probably made fun of Chad and said it'd be an embarassment for Chad to pitch on the national stage for the Detroit Tigers. After tonights performance, I feel embarrassed and wish I had not made such predictions. Heck, he even made AGay Gaypierzynski stay in the box on a ground ball and accumulated multiple broken bats. If it weren't for Joel Zumaya and the late inning rain, it would have been a shut out that Chad Durbin much deserved. I am very proud of Rad Chad; and yes, I have decided to change his nickname. Tonight, Chad has become the best #52 EVER. Obviously.

Some beef: The ESPN crew said the reason Guillen was not starting was because he has made 6 errors this year. Clearly, that is complete bullshit. He is definately getting the night off and it has nothing to do with the errors he has made. Although he made 2 errors the other night, Leyland claims it has nothing to do with the miscues. I just wish that ESPN got on track and stopped making claims that are not true. For example, when a fastball moves, it is not automatically a breaking ball. I can't tell you how many times a ball moves and the television crew calls it a breaking ball. I'm sorry but a pitcher who throws 85-87 mph fastballs and throws a 81 mph pitch that moves a little, it should not automatically be called a slider or changeup. Let's get real. Chicago Bulls, Deng.

Here is an argument my friends and I had: It dealt with who the best hitter ever is/was......Many feel Barry Bonds is the best hitter ever because he has the best eye in baseball. I'm sorry, but I don't think the person who ate the most carrotts as a kid has anything to do with the best hitter in baseball. Personally, I'm not sure who the best hitter is, but I don't think Barry Bonds is the best hitter ever. I think it deals with his suspect roid abuse. We talked about player(s) on ROIDS. Is your image of a player lost when you find out he has been or is on ROIDS?????

What are your thoughts?????



I apologize for my mindless rant... I was a itsy bit inebriated when I wrote this post

Anonymous   says 7:26 PM

although it is very hard to compare hitters from different eras (babe ruth vs barry bonds for example), i feel like as just a pure hitter you cant go wrong with ted williams. he had power, average, great eye (even though i know youre not interest in eye sight) and despite playing in a park that was cavernous in right center, he hit over 500 career bombs. imagine what he woulda done if he hadnt gone to battle for the us of a in the prime of his career. obviously, great arguments can also be made for the babe (hit more bombs that like ten teams one year) and barry, but i like teddy ballgame. also, i love you. that is all. love and kisses,
john eshelman

Anonymous   says 8:40 PM

hahaha AGAY...DENG... i like it

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