Kobe Scores More than Your Average Bear, Slut and College team Combined

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

As I'm sitting in the hotel watching the Florida Gators put it in the Albert Pujols of UCLA , two teammates of mine start arguing whether the NBA or College Basketball is better. Frankly, I'm for the NBA because of the Detroit Pistons. Nevertheless, this argument regarding which league is better became very heated. Here is a brief excerpt from this intelligent debate:

Teammate from North Carolina (arguing for college): I was watchin' an NBA game last naight. I forget which teams were playing.

Teammate from Denver (huge Nugs fan): Rockets/Lakers? Kobe was unbelievable. That was a great game.

College: Are you kidding??? It was horrible. I hate the NBA. They are all black and they don't care about winning.

NBA: Are you kidding??? College basketball is horrible. There are so many turnovers and missed shots!

College: Wait, how many college basketball players are black?

NBA: A few.

College: I guarantee I would like the old NBA more than the new NBA.

NBA: Listen, the NBA is like this.... if you have an open shot, you're going to take that shot. If it's made, we're going to get it back. Like in baseball, if we give up 8 runs, we're going to score 8 runs to get them back. Less turnovers. More basketball. Let's watch a game together.

College: See...that's stupid! Nuggets suck, meeannn!

NBA: You're talkin in circles.

College: Just cause you don't appreciate college.

NBA: You're right, I don't appreciate it... cuz they turn the ball over.

The rest was pretty much the same bad talk....All I have to say in response is; yes, there are going to be missed shots and turnovers. It's a part of all of fucking basketball. It happens in both leagues. Allen Iverson, the human turnover, turns the ball over every other time down the floor. The other times down the floor he throws up a stupid shot that goes in sometimes. He's a great player though so I digress. Arguing that the NBA is better because college turns the ball over more is a Mugsy Bogus argument. Say the NBA is better because of Kobe Bryant or the white guys who stand out. Not because they don't turn it over. College basketball has its perks though, like Bobby Knight's tits.

All in all though, I'm a fan of both NBA and College.

Despite all this ball juice talk, I'd like to make a Guaransheed. Pistons win it all in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2014.



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