Belated Tribute #1

Posted by Bob Biscigliano

2006 Tigers Roar will Forever be Heard
It's been almost a week now since I witnessed Brandon Inge strikeout to end the World Series. I was watching in the Detroit airport because I flew home to attend a possible game 6. In this past week, I've cried on the shoulder of an airport security guard, read Don't Kill Yourself books, and sucked on my thumb more than I ever did as a child (more cause of my own problems, not just because the Tigers lost). But although the loss was heartbreaking, the season really was not. I have been a diehard Tigers fan since one of my father's lucky seman swam like Michael Phelps inside my mother right after the Tigers won the 1984 pennant. In the last 13 years, the years I remember the most, the Tigers have had just ONE winning season up to this year. Despite the miserable seasons, especially 2003 when they lost 119 games, I have attended double digit games almost every summer, watched as many games on television as possible and purchased the past 2 seasons while I've been down in NC for school. I was always optimistic; sometimes too optimistic. For example, in 2003 I bet one of my friends that the Tigers were for sure going to win 85 games. That worked out really well for me. The Tigers last win that season was celebrated like we clinched something. Well, it clinched them the "we're not the worst team ever" berth. Yea, that was a rough year. Every game was about 35,000 tickets short of selling out. But my friends and I still went to the games.
This year was extremely special. No longer special like the neighborhood retardo who you just can't get mad at. But really special. Finally, fans who have always stood by the Tigers had something to really cheer about and talk about. In March, the Tigers were expected to slightly improve on 2005's season. In April, the Tagers were ESPN's main story. In July, the world was expecting a Detroit vs. Insert national league team here World Series. In Detroit, I was changing my underwear every night for other reasons than the fact that they were just dirty and I needed to. The Tigers were winning and winning A LOT. Thank you Tiggers for that. Thank you so much.
Watching the Tigers on TV during the playoffs raised all the hairs on my body and forced me to pinch myself till I bruised to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I felt like a school boy. I compared the night's sleep before games like a kid anxiously waiting up on Christmas Eve, knowing I was getting the Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Triassic Triumph Volume 1 video in my stocking, but it was an even better feeling. I probably gloated all October like a huge tool but I don't care. The Tigers gave me something I have been waiting for my whole life, besides the awesome orgasm I finally got when "Slater" hit that walkoff bomb in game 4 of the ALCS sweep(see One Goddamn Hit?'s blog). I care that we lost in the World Series but now that's over, I'm still proud of what the Tigers accomplished and Opening Day is just about 149 days away. Listen to them Roar.


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