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Posted by Bob Biscigliano

After reading various blogs over the past few months, I have been inspired to start my own. Originally, someone sharing their feelings on the internet has always been to me a desperate cry for friends or a technological way of letting everyone know you are queer. I am going to ignore those old feelings and open up to the growing world of blogging. I read this guide shown above during different poops over the past month and I finally feel like I can be a super blogger. So let's dabble with this a little bit.

It's Halloween. I was with friend's as we were driving to trick or treat at Chic-fil-A when we witnessed our meat-head weight lifting coach walking the streets dressed fully in a Robin costume. Yes, Batman's sidekick. Anyways, he was with his son and daughter while they were trick or treating but he did have a pillow case full of protein shake pouches and vitamins for himself. I think he was mainly just looking for an excuse to wear something skin tight. Holy Muscle Milk on Halloween! What a great night it is for him.

Ben Wallace begins his stint with the Chicago Bulls tonight. I can't deny the love I had for him during his time with the Pistons but let's be honest; now I think he is a cotton headed ninny-muggins. First he leaves his Alabama cotton farm to join the NBA (terrible decision) and then he leaves the team who gave him his first real chance to make a name for himself in the NBA (terrible stupid decision) and then he tries to impersonate Santa Clause??? What a sell out. Who is he trying to fool anyways? Not only does he not resemble Santa Clause in the least bit (Santa is way shorter) but that bag probably only consists of Rebound Row t-shirts he stole from the Palace and the bricks he puts up when he takes trips to the charity stripe. I also heard he paid the hair specialist that puts his hair in corn rows to move to Duhhh city of Duhhh Bears. I also heard he's good friends with Johnny Damon.

PS He made his first free throw tonight. I guess there is a Santa Clause. Merry Christmas Ben. I hope you get coal and pennies when you go trick or treating later tonight.

Also, the new technical foul rules are pretty absurd. Not only can you no longer make obscene comments about the refs' calls and mothers but talking to the ref and politely asking the woman referee out to dinner will result in a technical foul.

midget on tricycle

To cap off my Halloween evening, I think I am going to see SAW 3 with a few of my baseball teammates. I can't determine whether to be really excited about the finish of this scary trilogy or to just mail in my manhood and poop my pants the whole movie while cowering under my seat. I heard from a few people that they almost puked during the first 10 minutes of the movie. Good thing I'll be getting popcorn and skittles during that. Conveniently, I'm sure I'll have to call my mommy back a few times too. As if oceans of blood and people dying from unimaginable ways isn't enough, this movie also involves a masked midget on a tricycle. That's why I like movies like this, even if they are really scary, they really make you appreciate life. If you don't appreciate your life, then a midget is going to take you hostage and torture you until you die. Right now, I appreciate the fact that our school's only midget is studying abroad because all I really appreciate is the fact that I have enough money to go view this film. Wish me luck. I'm off.



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